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Permissive Circumstance – June 1st

Today I plan to buy some rocks, and maybe even some wood, for “aquascaping” a tiny aquarium; I’ve decided to keep some water plants in addition to my happy house plants. If you spend at least 30 minutes engaging in a genuine hobby (no TV watching!) you have permission today.

My fish tank is only a 30cm cube, and fits nicely on my mantle with my ostentatious (also haunted) venetian mirror. I have dreams of planting something like a peace lily planted in the top of it, but perhaps that will wait until a bigger tank if this one goes well.

Today is my last day of University work before the summer break. My deadline is not for a few days, but I plan to be done today. Everyone likes wiggle room, right? You wouldn’t wait until the last minute, hmmm?

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