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Permissive Circumstance – June 3rd

Yesterday and today are slightly sticky, close days. It’s impossible to ignore that a storm is brewing. I’m enjoying a fan blowing. Wherever you are, if the weather is even a jot warmer than you usually prefer, well then it’s too hot to play today. Enjoy a cool drink, or a cool shower, instead.

The ideal Eunoia schedule is currently Monday, Wednesday, Friday. In addition, we share our Together Day on Sunday. The looming deadline earlier this week meant that skipping Wednesday was unavoidable, but I’m happily free of assignments and classwork until October. Hooray!

The jury’s still out on Friday but Sunday’s togetherness session is recorded, edited, and scheduled to go live.

My Patrons have been helping me decide on how to develop the Phantom Butt Plug session in a poll, and at the moment it seems like many, many of them wished the original included a vibrator. This is an interesting insight I plan to keep tucked away for future reference. Which of your like to use toys on your own, with others, and who prefers to play acoustic? Let me know.

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