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Permissive Circumstance – June 19th

Saturday is the day for new sessions. If what appears in the shop or the podcast today doesn’t get your attention, then send me a polite note, letting me know what you’re really craving. You have my permission, once this simple task is done. Have a great weekend.

This Saturday Session is another example of something that was originally created for private sessions, but that I wish to share with everyone. I want to be able to use more triggers in sessions that I create, and that means everyone needs to have access to the setting of those triggers.

You should know, next weekend, well the current plan is to release a session that starts with calling my Pixie to me. There’s a second session that might come out at the second time, since I know flouncing around in a skirt and heels, at my beck and call is not for everyone.

And this Permissive Circumstance? I’m really looking forward to hearing what else my delightful followers would like to receive in the not-too-distant future. You can help me realise what subject matter has been neglected, or what you need continued as soon as possible.

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