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New Fragments – “The Top” and “Under the Table”

I’m still feeling a little off colour thanks to Pfizer, but these little fragments had made it out of my head and onto the page already, and now they’re ready to be heard!

The Top is available on the podcast feed, but you can find Under the Table in the MCF playlist. This second fragment is a fun hint at the content of another session that will be coming soon… I hope it surprises you a little, I never want the titles of these sessions to completely give the game away, but also don’t want them to be riddles themselves.

Last week’s “Marshmallow” themed Mind Control sessions (Side A and Side B) spurred a number of happy compliments. One of you seemed delighted to tell me that they listen to the first part ten times in a row one evening, kneeling beside their own bed. Perhaps even a little proud of yourself, weren’t you? Both of these sessions can also be found on the playlist.

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