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Permissive Circumstance for July 11th

Did you know that Italy were due to play Spain?
Did you know that Antonio Banderas played in Original Sin?
Did you know that Brighton played host to Britain’s first nudist beach?

If you got three-for-three in my little quiz, you have permission today.
And if you didn’t get a single question right, you also have my permission!

Tomorrow I plan to set out a plan for some Personalised (Custom) Content. I learned a lot from the Spring Sleep Session a few months ago and I’m ready to try this again.

These sessions will be a MCF somewhere around 5-8 minutes long, with content we create together. I’ll put this item up in the shop tomorrow, but will also be rewarding my most loyal Happy Harem members on Patreon, also.

Annual Patrons (and those who have been with me even longer than that!) will come first, followed by anyone who has been with me for three months or more. After that I’ll create sessions for anyone else I choose.

One More Thing Before I Go…

While I’m on the subject of personalised sessions, last month I received a polite reminder for a delayed personalised Spring Sleep Session. It turns out it had been sent to the wrong email address, bounced, and vanished forever. Because I was learning how to do the (boring, administrative) part of this process while I was creating and recording, I’m certain that there was opportunity for other mistakes to have been made.

I’m not taking applications for a secretary, but I would gladly accept, and appreciate, pictures of any of you in a white blouse, pencil skirt and heels.

Dear Pita assures me that he has all these sessions, and the backups and original recordings. If anything is missing, you should email me with the subject “MISSING SPRING SLEEP SESSION” and I’ll make sure you get your sweet dreams.

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