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Permissive Circumstance, July 22nd

Send help! I’ve been subjected to three episodes of Clarkson’s Farm, and he’s a touch acerbic. But I am enjoying the farming, leaving me conflicted.
If you’ve ever eaten something you grew, raised, or caught you can have my permission for today…
as long as you tell me all about your agricultural exploits!

Here’s my other conflict; I have to put fans and blocks of ice in my bedroom (yes, it works!), to cool down the space I record in. The other option is to move my recording set-up temporarily to get Saturday’s Session and Sunday’s Togetherness Session recorded without cooking.

Luckily my neighbour who uses a table saw all day is taking a holiday while it’s so hot, so I don’t have to work around that particular background noise! I’ll work out what I’m going to do, but if the temperature drops tomorrow (Alexa says it will) then I’ll be on track with the content I want to put out.

On the subject of farming; If you know me at all, you’ll have heard that at the moment all I grow are houseplants. None of them are edible, though the Aloe has its uses in sunburn weather. I also have a patch of wildflowers outside, and a healthy stream of bees coming from somewhere nearby.

Days without forgetting Permissive Circumstance: 003!

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