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The Wheel of Time

I promise I’m not turning my blog to book reviews, but I’m reading fiction for the first time in a little while, after dumping Cloud Atlas just three chapters in.

The best thing about Wheel of Time is that it’s not Game of Thrones. I haven’t been subjected to any grotesque descriptions of fat men eating roasted meats, so far!

That’s unfair… I did enjoy Game of Thrones as I read it, but my opinion is that Mister Martin has a problem with world-building. Chiefly; he has interesting ideas, but his story isn’t about any of them. An example; I remember finding the idea of highly educated “maesters” installed in the houses of the kingdom’s great houses to be quite unique, but these characters are largely ignored, to my recollection.

I could go on. I won’t. I might upset someone!

So Wheel of Time has its fantasy world, but that world feels real to me as I’m working my way through this novel, and I’m enjoying passing the hottest part of each day with it. Again, that’s just opinion. I don’t read enough fantasy to pretend I’m an authority.

I’m being taken out this evening, once I’ve chosen which shimmery camisole to wear. You’d do well to remember that Southern women don’t sweat, they glisten. If you know what “Bless Your Heart” really means, you have my permission today.

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  1. Hint to non-Southerners: from Miranda Lambert’s “We Should Be Friends”:
    If you use alcohol as a sedative
    And ‘Bless Your Heart’ as a negative
    We should be friends

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