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Eunoia – The Unicorn Bicycle & Red Thighs

close up of a red siamese fighting fish

Hello, lovelies! Later today a sensation play session will be going out for Patreon feedback. This session IS about getting hurt in a yummy way, so for all my masochists.. come play. For those not into it, don’t worry, I have something else planned for you later this week.

The weather has changed which means recording will FINALLY be happening again.

Thanks for all of the messages and fun pics lately. I love it.

M. E.

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  1. Hi with covid on I live in England . finding old railway tracks Roman trails and large rock like key stones in and round corn fields ect all over my area hiden but it’s like I no were they are . could you help in anyway thank you.##peter## heads bin in the clouds latly…

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