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Dirty Talk – Mind Control Fragments

This morning has already been a productive Monday, getting a few more personalised MCF’s recorded so they can go out into the world. There’s so much variety, some are positive and affirming, some need written down in detail before recording, and some are easy to create from the notes.

Others are just the best kind of Dirty Talk. That’s the newest little fragment that’s publicly available. Download it and blend it in with your other favourite fragments and give it a try.

Dirty talk is a conversation. A conversation where you can say whatever you’re feeling, there’s rarely any wrong answers. Listen to this fragment, and be sure to Contact Me and tell me your little dirty talk phrases. You can develop on what you heard, or maybe something entirely new comes to mind as you listen.

You can even take Permission when you’ve done so, regardless of how your naughty and nice goals are going today. Say thank you!

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