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A Cuddle Session

Maybe it’s time for bed. Maybe you’ve woken up early enough that you get to snuggle back down and sleep a while longer. Either way, be under the covers and close with me for this Cuddle Session.

This is a conversational hypnosis session, and a guided meditation. It is sexually suggestive, erotic and playful. It is also deep, swirling and confusing. Repetition, wordplay and creative overdubbing are heavily featured.

Some members of my Happy Harem on Patreon have already told me that this session gave them a great night’s sleep, and other more exciting things besides. You know, a recently satisfied guy always rests easy.

The session is set to bespoke music that will be familiar to anyone who requested a Spring Sleep Session earlier this year. I think it makes for the perfect way to fall back to sleep together.

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