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Eunoia – Listen and Obey

In this instalment; Pocket Pet patience, Dirty Talk, and some info about the next Saturday Session. It’s one you’ll be happy to stay in bed for.

I’m trying out adding a transcript to these episodes. As I write this, I’m not sure how much extra work that’s going to be, whether it’s better for me, my listeners… both… neither? We’re going to find out!

You’ll hear that I’ve changed my opinion on whether it’s right to mention my listener’s first names and nicknames on the podcast. If you don’t want that to ever happen, you should let me know.

Pocket Pet Session One is in the Shop.

The trigger setting is freely also available in the shop, on the podcast feed, and on Patreon.


Today is… well… it’s Wednesday, but you’re likely hearing this on a Thursday, unless of course this week has gone crazy and it’s Friday! And this of course is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth.
Eunoia is all about the connection between us outside of our playtime together. Send your notes through Patreon or the Spoken by Elswyth website to be included in the Listen section, and continue on to Obey for the Homework, Permissive Circumstance, and well… a bit more.

Okay, are you ready? I’ve had a few naughty ones that forgot all about patience and jumped right in with a session. You know… the Pocket Pet session? The trigger went out to everyone and the first session, the first little playtime with those triggers, it is in the shop. But I did tell my Happy Harem, I did tell you that you’ll get it in October.
So for those naughty ones, now, they have a punishment. Or funishment. I think it falls into that category. I do love handing out some old-school correction for my errant boys.

Okay. I’ve gone back-and-forth and back-and-forth on this in regards to using first names or nicknames. Of course I’ll never use surnames and if you want to address me anonymously you know you can always do it through the website.

So, I absolutely love what Raymond has to say about the Pocket Pet and Dirty Talk. I especially love that he goes on about how much he would love to be able to worship my body. Being on his knees. Waiting for my finger to raise his chin so he could see my beautiful lips and look into my hazel eyes. See, he’s not one of those “Eyes Lowered” guys. At least not in this scenario.
He goes on to say, and I’m just going to read this, his words, you would raise me up completely with your fingertip, and allow me to kiss your lips just once. Then I would kiss your cheek, and then just behind your ear. And then your neck… this is in quotes… “You smell so fucking good I can’t take it.” I like that.
Kissing and nibbling further down I would be lost in your scent. Your hand on the back of my head would guide me.
Okay… and then it goes on. And because this Eunoia generally does make it to Youtube which is a stickler for certain things, I can’t go on with that one.

Ummm… oh… and then my dear Teaseme says I loved Breath of Fire. The cheery mood you were in made my whole body happy. You’re so much fun and it pleases me to hear you so carefree. I hope that you can enjoy every day for the rest of your life.
Tell me… seriously people… tell me how amazing is it that there is this soul out there in the world who says “I hope you can enjoy every day for the rest of your life.” Now, I know, this, our current homework and personal circumstance is… not personal, permissive circumstance is handled for right now. We have our September challenge going on but man… you guys… okay… you do have homework for today.
Here’s your homework. You gotta make someone smile the way I smiled what Teaseme had to say; “I hope you can enjoy every day for the rest of your life.” I just fucking love it. I love it, it so sweet, and nice, and genuine, and perfect. And honestly, we should all be willing to be that free. Just to tell people to just live their lives and enjoy themselves, right?

And, and then he goes on and he talks about lots of other wonderful things. Okay, so… oh and he also calls me sweetheart and… yeah… yeah, yeah… I’m going to allow that one. Sweetheart. It’s fine. It’s really close to, they started out condescending, but… but then simply stayed nickname that I often get called by Pita, and then somehow Bunny picked it up.
It’s a vegetable. It’s not “a vegetable”. That’d be a dumb thing to call somebody, right? Like “Hey, a vegetable, wanna go to a movie tonight?” It’s not that, but it is a vegetable. Kudos to you if you manage to guess it.

So… I want you to find a good posture for you. It’d be great if you could stretch out somewhere comfortable or slump down into the chair but I realise that’s not always possible with Eunoia. But I want you to take this time now, breathe, do that body inventory from the top of your head, all the way down to your toes. Just really quick, imagining that pink glitter that will just pour over you, down. Good, right?

Now, I want you to envision, imagine, really feel that particular sensation on a morning when you don’t have to get up just yet. Maybe you woke up, looked at the clock, and it says 4AM, and you’re not a baker. But your bed, it just feels right. Like, the mattress has done all the perfect things of just warming up, letting you sink in a bit, or not, depending on your preference. The pillow was right. The blanket’s right. The room temperature… well I would imagine it’s slightly cool so that you just wanna snuggle down in more. Okay… you got it right? This feeling.

Now imagine me behind you. My arm draped over you, maybe up higher over your arm. My hand resting on your forearm, or a bit lower, towards your waist, and my hand doing whatever comes naturally. Me talking to you, in your ear, and then drifting off again. The upcoming Saturday Session is a cuddle session. It’s one that you can use to obviously go to sleep, or just listen to when you need a break. It’ll likely be released early for my dear Happy Harem, over on Patreon… but it will be out on Saturday for everyone else. I think I can get away with putting it on the podcast for everyone, but I don’t think it’s gonna fly on YouTube. So if you’re listening to this on YouTube, make plans on Saturday to hop on over to the website and download it for free. I’ll probably try to throw a trailer on YouTube just so that folks will get a reminder.

So there. Happy Day to you. Thank you for spending some time with me. Continue to send me some messages and some notes. I want to see those funishments completed as well. And finally, the personal MCF’s… they are still being worked on, it’s just one of those things that just tuck in as I go along. So don’t worry, you haven’t been forgotten. It’s just… on my timeline.
Bye for now.

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