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Happy Hallowe’en

I haven’t decided if I’m going out anywhere later, and the weather is the maid factor. I might choose to share a spooky movie and a bucket of parmesan and garlic popcorn with friends.

Yes, parmesan and garlic. Why limit yourself to sweet and salty?

I’ve shared my two Sabriel sessions, “The Trick” and “The Treat” with my Patrons. They’re a mix of hypnosis, guided meditation and erotic storytelling. Despite the name they’re not at all spooky, so I’ll be sharing them in some other way soon.

I have a dozen ideas and Work-in-Progress projects for November, and only four Saturdays to share new sessions. I think there will be some extras to release as the month goes on… some Position Training, perhaps two new Maid Training sessions, and more Sensation Play. What else are you craving?

Be sure to tell me your Locktober stories. My Heady HFO With Breath Play session is a good way to enjoy your freedom, unless you’ve been inspired to continue denial a while longer.

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