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Eunoia (November 3rd), The Many Flavours of November

In this instalment I say hello to a backlog of new Patrons and reward the stragglers among you.

The Trick and The Treat can be found on Patreon, or here in the shop.


Today is Wednesday, and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about our connection outside of our sessions together. Send your notes through Patreon or the Spoken by Elswyth website to be included in the Listen section, and then continue on to Obey for the Homework and Permissive Circumstance, etcetera.

So, first of all here are our shout-outs for the new Patrons. My newest Happy Harem members. Okay, oh me, oh my… this is um… this is John, Dick, Andrew, another Andrew, oh no… I’m gonna say this is “Aruthae”. If I didn’t get that right let me know. I probably won’t get it right the next time, but I do try. Slavedoc, that one’s easy… Lau Bu, and I think that’s short for something… Mike, and J. And J has a lovely pair of high-heeled boots in their profile picture. I gotta know J, are they yours?

I had a message from my Cal Dude who accidentally listened to one of the Locktober MCF-tease sessions towards the end of last month. Um… poor Cal Dude. You know, I never once told anyone to deny themselves for a month. I never once told anyone to carry on through November either. But I know that some of you will.

It’s exciting to know that the number of days, well… it’s gone up, and up, and up… and then there’s the little doubts. What if the orgasm isn’t that great? What if I’m just left disappointed in myself? Although, PSA here… for your prostate health, you really actually shouldn’t go forever and ever without ejaculating. Doesn’t mean you have to have the orgasm, you can also learn about milking. It is a thing… it has nothing to do with cows and goats and so on.

I had very positive feedback from my Happy Harem about the trick-or-treat. Technically I think it’s called The Trick and The Treat. These are two Sabriel-themed sessions and they went out on Patreon for Hallowe’en. Um… oh and if you have no idea what Sabriel-themed means, it’s a name that’s associated with a specific kind of session that I make. They’re all about pure hypnosis training and… and mind control, with everything you can think of when Mistress is saying “Mind Control” to you.

Sabriel is introduced in the Eternal Suitor session and yeah, that’s what he is. He’s the guy who is always trying to impress, in a good way, like he’s on a first date, or a third date. And you all know what happens on the third date. He doesn’t ever reach a point of over-familiarity and he’s kept there through erotic hypnosis. It’s fun, it’s a little bit predatory. I enjoy it.

I’ll put those sessions up in the shop today on the Spoken by Elswyth website for everyone else who hasn’t had it can go there and enjoy it. If you haven’t listened to The Apartment, and PTTFO, and The Eternal Suitor… well they’re all required listening, so you also need to have those sessions… and my apologies if you can actually hear my tummy grumbling. Maybe PitA will be able to edit that out. If not, yeah… it’s like, almost 11, I’ve been busy and it wasn’t until I actually started Eunoia that I realised… I should have had some breakfast.

Okay, Homework. For those of you in the States, or with friends or family from the States and you’re on social media, you probably see that one of the very many variations on November theming is the Thankful one. There’s also No-Nut, and it seems like No-Nut should not be following Locktober. No-Nut has nothing to do with walnuts. Or pecans… they’re not pee-cans, they’re pecans.

Um… the moustache growing one, Movember. What’s the other one? No buying Nestle products. There’s also a “No Buying” one. And the newest one I’ve seen is a mindfulness one about saying “No” to everyone and everything that makes you unhappy. But let’s talk about the thankful one, because it ties into your Homework.

You, share your favourite session title with me, and… and… there’s a thinking part here. You have to also share a sequel idea that you’d enjoy along the same lines. I had somebody do that with the maid session, and that story’s good! You all will be thankful for them.

Okay, I think that wraps us up for today. Does it? Does it…. no… because you need your Permissive Circumstance. This is it, this is for the procrastinators. This is when you win… ready? If you still have a Jack’o’Lantern out front of your house on the window, a picture on your door, whatever… you have my Permission today. See you tomorrow!

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