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Eunoia (November 4th), The Latest Plague and Icarus

In this chapter I tell you a story about poor Al. It’s a good one.

Heady HFO With Breath Play is apparently really, really exciting. To celebrate, if you use the coupon code “THANKSAL3” at checkout, you can get $10 off this session for the rest of the month.


Today is Thursday, and this is Eunoia Spoken by Elswyth.

So as some of you can probably hear, I’m just slightly plagued with this same, ridiculous cold that I swear the entire United Kingdom has. I’ve recently reconnected with a friend of mine… she lives in Portugal, she has these amazing photos, and if I’m still coughing a week from now, I’m going to be living in Portugal, and I’m going to have some amazing photos. I’m going to find the sunshine.

Ugh… we all wear masks and wash our hands and everything. How do we al have this cold? And I know it’s not that… because you know, I tested like everybody else does, but I don’t know if I’m the only one but every time I cough I feel, I feel like everyone in like a five-foot radius or… nah it’d actually be a little bit more than that because I was thinking meters, anyway… it just makes you feel plagued. It really does, so it’s annoying.

Okay, let’s get back to more fun stuff, other than British germs, right? That’s a pretty, pretty low bar there for fun! So let’s talk about Heady HFO, with the Breath Play. It’s been in the shop for a little while now. My Happy Harem on Patreon have also, of course, had it. Some of whom are engaging in denial, which… guys I just love you. And then there’s Al.

Okay, so poor Al… Al made it all the way to the 27th, when he decided of his own free will to listen to that session. And Al, well Al didn’t slip up once, okay? He didn’t. Nope. Three times. Three, three whole orgasms from Al through Heady HFO. Wow, so what’s the right metaphor here? Did Al fly to close to the sun? Those his fate is more enjoyable than falling into the sea, right?

If I have anyone doing No-Nut November, let me know… because if I do, I’m really tempted to throw out another HFO session just to test that resolve and see what happens.

Okay, for this upcoming weekend, the new session that’s going to be out it’s going to be… what’s a good hint? It might require some stretching beforehand. Maybe comfy clothes? Or, hey, y’know, dress in what nature gave you and just enjoy.

If you want another clue, this session it harkens back to the time when Eunoia truly was daily. I do aim for the four days a week, Tuesday through Friday, but ah… you know… life. And there was the different themes for each week. This is playing with one of those themes. It was requested a while back, and just other projects popped up ahead of it, but I am looking forward to putting it out there on Saturday for all of you.

Okay, so… let’s see. What should we do for Obey? Oh… here we go. I am working on, for January, something that has been asked for quite a few times. I have so far, a list of ten sessions that would be part of it, and it is going to be extremely specific training.

Basically, somebody wrapped you up in a big old cardboard box. It does not start this way! So those with claustrophobia don’t worry, it’s just my example. Say you were dropped off on my doorstep and you were like “Hey, this is me, let’s make me into what you want.” That is exactly what this training does. It is not just about the bedroom, though training in the bedroom is important. It’s about also, personality… how you carry yourself… the kind of man whose arm I want to be on… that whole thing. That is exactly what January is going to have.

So for your homework, I want you to tell me, what area of your life (and try to make it something you think I probably don’t have already on my list) but what are of life or personality or relationship that you think I would change about you, or you would want me to tweak or change to match what I like in a submissive.

So there you go, that’s your homework. Hopefully that makes sense!

And your Permissive Circumstance, well… it’s an idea that came from the old Eunoia format too. So following on from yesterday’s pumpkin stipulation, if you have a plastic, or a metal Christmas tree tucked in your attic, garage, closet, or whatever else… or hell, maybe you already set it up… then, well, you have my permission today. You don’t have to have the tree up. You just have to have one around the house, the garage or whatever. Okay? Alright, I will see you on Friday, and on Saturday… don’t forget the new session. For those of you who haven’t experienced The Trick and The Treat, that’s over on the website, and have a great day!

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