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Some Slight Saturday Session Setbacks

My happy editor (dear PitA) is taking a few sick days. Apparently his head is full of cotton wool. I’ll share the latest Saturday Session in the middle of next week, as soon as it’s done!

The session I want to put out is all about position training. There’s six of them I just love, and you can find the Eunoia sessions that first explained them way back in the archive. The session I’ve written adds a little more to my thoughts about each position, and begins with a simple hypnotic induction and some stretching.

The whole thing has me thinking about high protocol BDSM. Eye Contact Rules, Service and Titles and such… well, there are Maid Training sessions coming this month. Are you as excited as I am?

On Patreon, my Happy Harem are helping me work out what to put into a new set of Affirmations sessions. Affirmations Series One can still be found in the shop (and I’ve just recently reduced the price slightly). Is there a subject you’d like to hear me elaborate on in an Affirmation session?

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