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Eunoia (16th November) – Crickets and Bubbles

In this episode I remember that Christmas is coming.

The Personal Growth session Cole asked me for is also in the shop. I’ve just added it to the shop for the first time, at a deeply discounted price, hooray!

The link to the Affirmations Series Two poll is here, and you can find the original Affirmations Series One sessions here.


Today is Tuesday and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about our connection outside of session time… send me your notes through Patreon, or the website, which allows you to do it anonymously, and listen to the first half for answer, replies and shot-outs. And the second half goes on to Obey.

A warm welcome to my newest Happy Harem member, Cole. Cole joined Patreon and immediately, though very politely, asked me for a certain Personal Growth session. So this session was, well… is, Penis Enhancement. See how it goes? Into Personal Growth?

And Cole’s asking, well that reminded me that when I first posted it for my dearest, dearest Patrons, I had you ask for it individually… mostly because I wanted to inspire some moments of maybe gentle, or not so gentle, blushing. Sometimes a bit of teasing is great for the soul, right? It’s not actual humiliation.

Okay, so, Christmas. Christmas is all over my city. It is amazing. I had the best time over the weekend, going into town. It was match-day. We won. Ah, man… I love live sports. I’ll be honest I can get into something televised if I have someone I’m really rooting for and yeah… yeah, I did watch Worlds. Not football, we’re talking e-sports. But man, live rugby, live football, soccer, whatever.

The only one, the only one I can’t like, find crazy enthusiasm for, and it’s only because I can’t work it out, is cricket. They all look very posh and proper and fantastic, and the crowds are amazing, but I don’t know how cricket works, so I’ll stick with the other ones and if I’m ever lucky enough to be gifted some cricket-tickets and go along with… maybe a wonderful gentleman who knows the rules, I’ll figure it out then, right?

I also tried Boba Tea… yeah, I think that’s a one-and-done kinda thing. A few of us were together, so… totally anti-covid, tried each others, and between the cheese-flavour and the… what was it, like watermelon-strawberry, and Oreo, I had a Thai-tea, which I usually love Thai-tea, yeah, I don’t know. It’s a one-and-done I don’t think I’m gonna be really wanting that any time soon. But in other news one of the food stalls that’s out has vegetarian samosas and I’m so lucky I do not live next door to these people. I would need a whole new wardrobe, they’re so good.

Alright, now that I’ve made you all hungry… let’s talk about the Affirmations and my good boys who did their homework. I have a really nice selection that were shared with me. They’re all in that useful inspiration document. So my Happy Harem on Patreon they have been voting on what Affirmations Series Two sessions they’d like to see come out soon, and now… I have a really good idea for what their favourite ideas are.

I’m going to make that poll available to the wider audience, you know… I’m data-collecting here. It’s very modern… Bunny would be so proud of me. Well Bunny’s proud of me anyway, because you know… Bunny’s proud of me because I put my shoes on today. He’s always one for compliments, he’s a great submissive. Anyway, so… that poll is going out to the wider audience, if you’re not a member of the Happy Harem, or Patreon, you’re going to have a chance still to vote… because I want to hear from you.

I do know not everyone can join in with Patreon and so on… so I try not to hide everything behind that wall. Oh, I’m definitely going to be making the top two session my muses choose. But I’m not revealing what they chose yet… unless I change my mind after recording this.

Okay, onto Obey. First thing first, I want you to stretch… and if you’re in the middle of a public place you can still stretch, right? I’m not asking for something crazy, I’m just saying stretch. If you can’t put your arms up, you can stand up on tippy-toes. If you can’t stand on tippy-toes you can probably put your arms out. If you’re missing arms and legs or you’re in a vacuum-sealed bed, but your head is sticking out, you can do some neck rolls. That’s a stretch, right? Go the other way.

Alright, so your homework… if you haven’t done it already, is to vote in the poll. And if you voted already, hey… you get a day off, right? Or, as your homework you can tell me your favourite, but not known by most people, type of stretch. I have one. No, I have two. I have two, and if I remember I will share them with you later.

Okay, today’s permission circumstance. Well… if you know the Inspection pose, if it’s properly ingrained in you by now, then you can adopt it for a five-minute meditation. Set a time, focus on your breathing, and after that practice, then you have permission to reward yourself for good behaviour. Nice, huh? A bit of mind-body going on, then. Oh, and don’t forgot to say thank-you. It’s good manners.

Okay, so that’s it for today. I will see you tomorrow, and we will have something coming out this weekend, but more on that later. Have a great Tuesday.

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