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A chance to be clever – Day 13

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This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom podcast with authentic hypnosis, and useful training, for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 13.

It’s not quite Friday the 13th, but wouldn’t you agree dear, that it is close enough for us to call it “lucky”? I want you to start today by kind-of stretching and moving. I’m going to join you in that because I have the habit of being one of those super-virtuous people that gets up at five-odd in the morning and heads to the gym, and today… I am trying to get more in the habit of using the different weights and so on. There’s just a few machines I’ve totally ignored, and you know how when you choose something completely different, it makes you… well… you find a muscle you don’t normally use.

I did that today, so I think I’m so used to doing like… large group things, that… ugh, this one particular, the arm one, was like… yeah, I don’t do that movement, in my everyday life.

So today is going to be one of those stretching and moving days, constantly. So shake yourself off, like my doggo coming out of the river. Stretch a bit. And find a good position.

Okay, so; I want you to breathe in deep for two; One, two.
And out for three; One, two, three.
And in for five; One, two, three, four, five.
And out for eight; One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Now breathe, at your own pace, for the next thirteen seconds, being aware of the breath as it travels throughout your body.
Thirteen, twelve, eleven, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

And for twenty-one seconds I want you to breath again, at your own pace, but see that breath lighting up your body as it travels through. Go on; I’ll be quiet this time and watch the clock for you.

All lit up and perfect? Of course you are. And now, I want you to continue this breathing at your own pace, but you’re going to move your body. Feel the muscles respond as you tell them what to do. And I want you to be inspired to choose a position that perfectly matches your mood for today.

This position that you find, you’re going to hold it, if possible, for 34 seconds, starting now.

There, now… how do you feel? This time devoted to you, us… me. You always feel better for taking the time to focus this way. Your task for today is not an easy one, but it is a fun one and it does add to your creativity, and it uses that brain of yours that I love. Besides, don’t you enjoy a chance to be clever?

Your task for today is to find a thirteen letter word without using the internet. Yes, that means you can grab a handy book, or co-worker, or… or who knows, maybe just that clever lad on your train. But no internet.

And your Permissive Circumstance for today is this; if you know what two, three, five, eight, thirteen, etcetera create, well then… you have my permission to enjoy your release today.

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