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Warming hearts and elsewhere – Day 23

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This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 23. On Day 22 you practiced being my statue. What do you think about your performance? Exquisite? Needs a bit of work?

You can always use some distraction free time to work on your pose, and your discipline. And while today, you’re gonna need further privacy still, because we’re going to exercise your Ouchie Stick.

If you’re not in a quiet and private spot right now, with stick in hand, then why not? For today you need to be sitting up, in a chair, or at the head of your bed, and you need to need to have your undies on, but your trousers off. Got that?

I already told you that we’re going to focus on some long-term goals, and by now, you should know that your ability to suffer for me, is something I crave. Even if it’s not really your thing! I ended up taking a test yesterday after feeling blah, and have joined the ranks of people with Covid, so I deserve this bit of distraction, right?

I deserve a lot of things.

And you know what, with inflicting some pain, I don’t need to be able to leave you bruised and bloodied and broken, to be personally entertained. I just need to push you up to your limits, wherever they might be.

So maybe the three… six… nine strokes you took on Day 14, maybe they were easy for you. Even insulting. Or maybe you used that honour system we’re working with to give yourself the gentlest little love-taps. It doesn’t matter to me either way. I know you’re going to test yourself as we continue down this path together.

So today you’re going to take ten strokes with the Ouchie Stick. Last time I had you on your side, but by now you should be sitting, and each strike is going to be aimed at your thighs, so spread those legs wide.

Just like yesterday’s training, and like the last time I helped you use the stick, I’m going to guide your breathing. I want you to fix your tongue behind your teeth for this exercise. Close your mouth, and I’m going to count to four as you inhale deeply. Then, you’ll hold your breath as I count down, and before I reach one, you will have used that Ouchie Stick on yourself. I will not say exactly when.

Finally, you will exhale completely through your mouth, keeping your tongue in its place… and as you do this, you can make… you can make whatever noises you need to make. Start on the right-hand side, and I’ll tell you when to switch.

[Breathing and Counting.]

Wonderful. You took that well I think, and if you feel like you didn’t really impress me, reach out and let me know. Just like yesterday, you’ve already completed today’s task.. but today’s Permissive Circumstance is to Flip… your coin. Heads, you get release today. And tails, well… that’s denial.

This might be where you learn if your token is your ally or not. See you tomorrow.

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