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Your zen activity – Day 47


Welcome to Day 47. Did you enjoy yesterday’s session? Do you want to enjoy it again today? I hope it left you feeling just as I intended. A little overwhelmed, perhaps? A little on edge? Do you need more of that again, or do you need something easier? A little more relaxing?

Take the time to stretch. If you’re seated, pull your feet up and together, and as best you can, put the soles of your feet against each other, and press your knees down.

And if you’re standing, take a hold of something for the sake of balance, if you need it, and then left one leg up behind you, take a grip of your ankle, and pull it up towards your bottom.
Stretch. That’s good.

Oh, and breathe.
In. Out. You can let go of your feet.
In. Out.

For today, take the day off any other training, and instead use that extra time for something easy. Find your zen activity, whether it’s a mindless game, or a foray into fiction, some time watching the world through the window, or carefully raking around rocks in the sand.

I kind-of recommend reading “The Vegetarian”. Ummm… no, it’s not some entreaty towards giving up meat, it’s this interesting read that you just can’t stop. I finished it easily, in a day.

Anyway, it’s not really zen, but there are some interesting scenes in there. Okay, here we go.

To avoid creating any anxiety around what your coin might determine, today, because I am so generous and because I’m usually in a good mood when I finish an interesting book; today, I give you permission for release, as long as you take the time off I’ve prescribed.

Soon we’re going to look at your goals, and how you’re progressing, but not today.

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