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The Review I – Day 52


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

So, hey there. Welcome to Day 52, and today you’re going to take the time to reflect on your progress, before a short break. Now, this half of your reflection is going to focus on the Naughty. That’s not ever an effort to admonish you. Though, let’s face it, I’m always open to offering you a dose of healthy tease and humiliation. No, but naughty here means, all that good hypnokink stuff, trigger settings, and the regular old… the regular old kinky fun like orgasm control and fetishism and such.

You know, the things in that corner of your brain that comes to mind when I talk about Pocket Pet Play. That kind of thing.

So, this is a formal review exercise. Draft an email, write a polite note, if you’re a Patron, reach me there;
“Dear Mistress,
Over the past 50 days I’ve committed to working on [blank]” and then you’d write in what your efforts have been focussed on.. Sticking to the naughty stuff for now.
Then continue “In such-and-such, and this-and-that I’ve made good progress. Regrettably, with regard to [blank] I’ve not done as well as I’d hoped.”
Now… now the particularly interesting part; “I blame [blank] for my failings and plan to [blank] in the future.”

This is another one of those honesty, honor-system moments, dear one. You’ll tell me if something I’ve said, or done, or not said, or not done is the reason you’re not doing as well with your training as you’d hoped, right?

Is it possible for Mistress to make an error?

So you have your homework. For a Permissive Circumstance… hmmm… ha… “no”.

But if you started reading “The Vegetarian” already, you can have one point for your little tally, and I promise only two more days until I tell you whether you want a high score or a low one.

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