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A New Trigger Setting Session

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with carrots and sticks for the submissive man.

Today is, well… today is leading up to the beginning of Season 3, Part 2. Now, as a generous thank you to my dear Happy Harem over there on Patreon, I am giving you the new trigger for this part. It’s going to give you a bit of a head start to go through and practice it before… ooh… before we use it some very, very fun ways.

I will make it publicly available to everyone, later on, before this season begins. But… if you want it now, you can either join Patreon or, spend the fee that you’ll see in the shop. So Patrons, your task is to make you you check and grab the code.

Your Permissive Circumstance is, well… carry on with what you have been doing. For this Part 2 of Season 3 we are going to have some fun. And probably more than a few chances for release in there, because I love to be good to you.

We’re going to have some Pocket Pet, Sabriel… definitely the Maids. A little bit of woof-woof. And I’m sure I’m completely forgetting all of these other things, but here is the really fun thing; I am inspired by the idea of time, to make something that we are going to use throughout this Part 2. I know, I know, you’re going to find out what it is soon enough, but I know… I know you and I know you are going to love this. Love everywhere it takes you.

Don’t forget about your coin. Don’t forget about your Ouchie Stick, and don’t forget to go download the new trigger, so that way you can get started. You’re going to want to listen to it at least like, three times before you use it in a full session that I’m going to release it in. You will find that this particular trigger is going to be woven in a lot of our sessions.

And, the music for this trigger is also going to make an appearance in that special new thing that we’re going to try out. If we like it, I have a great idea for the Part 1 of Season 4. But, I’m gonna warn you now, it’s going to be a whole lot of smut!

So bye for now. Go download the thing and I swear I will see you soon.

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