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Time Off – Day 54


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 54. I did tell you there was going to be a bit of time off. It’s going to be a week… now, when I return, I’ll probably have something special for my dear Happy Harem. You know, the people who are helping to support me over on Patreon.

Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of other stuff to go around.

But here is something very important to know. It’s quite personal. You know those points that you’ve earned in the last few days. Well, during this week the Permissive Circumstance is… you can have as many orgasms over the next seven days as you have points. Now isn’t that generous?

Okay, so be good… be aware, I’m going to have a bit of a… eugh, I hate this phrase because it’s such a cliché, but we’re going to use it anyway. A “Digital Detox”. Just some downtime… I wrapped up a bunch of other stuff, and to refill myself before coming back to some new games and new fun with you.

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