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Sidetracked – Day 59


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Today is Day 59. Now, if you remember back on Day 56 we talked about knots saving your life. Not just your sex life, though I believe…

I believe if you add the right toy, and I have suggestions if you need some. Not selling any. Don’t have like… some affiliate program going on out there, though if the people who make bluetooth toys wanna hook up with me and give me some freebies, I’m all for it. Hell, if they want to give yummy toys to like… my audience at large so that I can…

I’m imagining myself, sorry, we’re getting off topic here but I guess the topic is always about me controlling you, right? I’m imagining having like this master/mistress control board where I could push some buttons and you know, give this person a zap, and that person a tingle, and this person a squeeze and so on. This little orchestra of perversion.

Mmm… ahhh… yeah. I could have fun with that.

Okay, but I’m gonna have to add a bit more to it. I’m really sorry, but y’all are gonna have to put some cameras up, ’cause I know, I know, this hypnokink. This erotic hypnosis, fetish play we have going on, a lot of it’s happening up here in our brains. But if I have, let’s just say if I have an easily controlled, plug up your ass, I wanna see your face as I’m pushing the buttons.

Okay, now I literally do not remember what I was supposed to be going over with you for Day 59. Does it matter? No. We’re just having some delicious fun.

Oh, I remember now. I was going to share some of the ways that people have said that knots have saved their lives. Well, that’s going to wait for later now.

Uhh, just a reminder; tomorrow for Day 60, ooh, it’s getting longer. That one session, remember that? We’re going to have the same introduction, and then a deepener. And then Day 65, yeah, you’re gonna love Day 65. I promise. And if you don’t love it, well… I can always help you see the light.

Your task for today… your task for today kinda ties into the Permissive Circumstance. Your task, is you are gonna jerk it off, thinking about the plug in your bottom that I’m controlling. Your Permissive Circumstance, it’s a “Yes”.

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