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Third Time’s the Charm – Day 84

Getting Longer will get longer tomorrow with Release 7.


This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly rounded submissive man.

Today is Day 84 and I know you’re eager to get right into that last task. Some people weren’t patient, and that’s okay, I don’t really mind that sometimes. But if you were then… today your homework is to tell me three things I say to you that would make you melt. Either in our fun little hypno sessions, or your own daydreams.

What erotic fantasy have you had playing through your head, and what lines do I have in it?

And once you’re done, hmmm… today you can flip a coin. Heads for yes, tails for no, for release.

Remember that even if you’ve completed your homework, you’ll only be able to grab the Give Me Three session once I give you the secret coupon code, and if Friday the 13th has passed you by, you’re out of luck. It pays to be punctual.

If you don’t remember how to submit, how to submit your homework that is, go back to Day 82.

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