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HFO on the Brain – Day 88


This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly rounded, submissive man.

Today is Day 88, and after the Something Different HFO session, and that Mind Control Fragment “Pleasure Seeking” on Day 87, you might well have HFO on your mind. I do. That’s because I’m picking apart a positively ancient session that many of you might have listened to in the past, called “Bound for Release”. And I’m seeing where I might make some improvements.

There’s a common concept or understanding in all sorts of creative fields, that any piece of work can be endlessly iterated on, reworked, polished, to the point that no-one will get to see, hear, or experience it. And wouldn’t that be a tragedy?

Some of you are guilty of doing that with your pieces of work. Just editing and polishing, again and again.

But it is true, you know, that any creator develops their skills as they move through other projects. And so it becomes increasingly appealing to go back and tinker with older work, knowing full well that there could be a chance you’ll annoy… I don’t know how to phrase this, ummm… “the fans”.

Okay, Star Wars nerds know what I’m talking about here. I’m not really one that has a dog in that fight due to not having seen it in the theaters originally, or whatever else. I confess, I don’t have a very strong opinion on whether Han shot first, or not.

But I do know… I do know if I bring certain things up in conversations, it is a great way to get my whole social circle going. Oh, and on that note of going, and so on, today your Permissive Circumstance is to finish *something*. If you just need a boost of motivation to complete some errand or chore you’ve been putting off, then that’s okay… use it.

But if you are one of my muses, one of my creatively inclined ones, use this stipulation to urge yourself past the finish line. Hit “Render” and call that track you were working on done. Save the digital art and post it on Deviant Art, or wherever. You don’t have to share with me, but know that I’ll always take a look at whatever you do share with me.

But I am placing a rule on that for today… do not… do not share any Star Wars theories, Lord of the Ring theories, Avatar… or any of… ah… is the book or the movie better, or any of that with me. Except for World War Z. Now, if you are one who says the book is better, you’re absolutely right.

Okay, that’s it. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Delightfully spoken… Thank You Elswyth…!
    The Cat Shepherd

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