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Two Ways to Play – Day 89

That Pleasure Seeking Mind Control Fragment can be downloaded on Friday’s podcast post.

Tomorrow is another extension of Getting Longer, so if you’re not already on board with this expanding hypno session, be warned the price will tick up another notch tomorrow.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 89, and… ah, yep…here’s the other side of the thoughts that were on my mind yesterday. That Pleasure Seeking Mind Control Fragment… well, you’re a smart boy. You’ve realized you can download it, right? You’ve realized that you can *loop* it, right?

What kinds of sensations get you off? And I’m not just talking about the sensations created hypnotically, we can think about when you’re all alone, just you and your own hand.

Do you need lots of different sensations, applied creatively, to find release? Or do you find something like that… distracting? I suspect, after getting to know quite a few smart boys, that I know the answer. Probably just one, simple, repetitive action, applying just the right sensation all the way to the point of orgasm? Come on, you don’t need to be shy. You can tell me.

Pleasure Seeking has a little of each, because I want you to be able to feel good, listening to that little fragment. Today, your task it’s purely hedonistic. Isn’t that great? Life is meant to be fun.

So go download that little session, make sure it’s set to repeat, and while it’s running, you have my permission to play with your cock however you like. And you should be able to follow along with most of the instructions in the fragment too, by the time you’re finished. And you absolutely have my permission to finish

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  1. I have a book. I absolutely LOVE this book. When I first started reading it, I went to a book shop and read at the table, while enjoying my Coffee. One day I went to the shop, and bought the book, or maybe it had “bought” me. Reading this book is like going on a wonderful Journey, and I just LOVE the Journey, so I always stop at the beginning of the last chapter; put it down; only to start the Journey again another time; always with EAGER anticipation of the FINISH. btw… I just Love Your Voice, and “Permission” aside; I’ll just stay on “The Journey”. **chuckles&SMILES** oh… I WILL be back… I have a purchase to make, or is it a “sale”. Until next time,
    Your’s All-Ways,
    The Cat Shepherd

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