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Bound for Release – Day 104

If you already own Bound For Release, you’ll find the new version of the session on your downloads page.

You can find it in the shop for less than half price, until I decide to change that.

Getting Longer will get longer for the last time on Monday!


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 104, and aren’t you lucky? Because today I have only one task for you. Whether it’s today, or over the weekend, you get to end the period of denial that I’ve given to you with… one, two, three… five? Well maybe five is pushing it!

How many orgasms can you do in a day? We’re gonna find out.

I’m making the Bound For Release session available to you, and I want you to enjoy it. It’s been changed up a bit, including the induction and so on. But it’s still uh… a lot of fun for both of us.

Not only do I want you to enjoy it, I want… demand, expect, one of those words; an appropriate thank you after you’ve listened to the session, or maybe after you’ve gotten some good sleep. Y’know, recharged the batteries.

You’ll know what kind of thank you is appropriate. So that’s the task for today, and also of course your Permissive Circumstance. We’re getting closer to wrapping up this season three, part two… and diving right into season 4. I know my clever one loves some of these mind games and word games. Well, not just some, right? You love all of them.

Don’t worry, I have such wonderful things planned for you. So many plans for you.

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