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Summer Holidays, Pirate Queens, Instant Discounts and More

Stay all the way to the end of today’s episode to enjoy my favourite moment from The Pirate Queen. Plus a Thursday Permissive Circumstance.


Hello dears. This isn’t Episode 18. We’re going to call it Episode 17 and a Half. It’s basically a heads up to those of you who never read the notes that go along with the podcast episodes.

So first a little heads up; I’m taking a week off to read books on a beach. I’ve heard from lots of you about your summertime adventures, including one of you setting off in a canoe. And now it’s my turn.

There will still be a podcast tomorrow, and then Episode 19 will arrive on Monday the 22nd.

Yesterday I released the Mild Rebuke trigger, and the Puppy version of it. I have two other versions I’m looking to put out into the world before the end of the month, but I’m let some members of my Happy Harem on Patreon take a listen to them before release, and the consensus was they needed some tweaking, so that’s what I’ll be doing.

Now one other session was released yesterday, with basically no fanfare. Though you might have seen it in the email newsletter. That was The Pirate Queen. The Pirate Queen is an erotic story, plain and simple. It’s all about hypnotic domination and bootlicking and humiliation and all that good stuff. And it’s on the website waiting for you now.

Now if you love some bootlicking and some footworship, you need to vote for that one by downloading it, and I’ll probably send some more your way.

At the end of this podcast I’ve included a little piece of The Pirate Queen for your listening pleasure. And let me tell you a little something about the way this season is put together; if you’ve listened to Getting Longer for Season Four, then you’ll know that those sessions begin with you getting ready for your appointment with a hypno-Mistress in her home. And the important part of each session takes place in “The Listening Room”, which is a comfortable room for listening to… well whatever you might want to listen to.

When I picture the room, I can easily picture Jon Hamm and the rest of the cast of Mad Men hanging out there, talking shop and drowning themselves in expensive whiskey (lol, winkey).

This isn’t the last story that I’ll share in The Listening Room. I just like the idea too much.

Before I go, let me tell you one last important thing. I give away a lot of sessions, not all of them, but a lot. Just yesterday you will have earned A Mild Rebuke… oh don’t worry, I’m not going to employ that trigger right now. I’m saving it for a few weeks from now.

This one thing that’s been bothering me is that because many of my sessions, they build on top of eachother, or require such-and-such trigger, it can sometimes be a little costly to pick up the things you might have missed. Imagine you wanted every Sabriel session.

So I’ve grabbed a fancy-schmancy plugin for my shop that lets me set a discount to be applied automatically. So when your cart creeps over $30, you’ll get a 15% discount. And if you reach the lofty heights of $60 it’ll auto-magically turn into a 20% discount.

I set this up yesterday and played with it for a while, and it seems to be working as intended. Now if you manage to break it and take me to the cleaners, I suppose you deserve everything coming to you.

If you’d been paying attention to the little notes I’ve put out over the last week then not one thing I’ve told you will be a surprise. It means you’re my clever, observant, attentive boy. So pleased with himself, someone I’m so proud of. And I’m sure that’s enough of a reward.

For everyone else, you have my Permission for Release today.

Alright, so here’s that sneak peek from The Pirate Queen that I promised you. If you share a certain fascination with worshiping at my feet, you might even finish in the next eight minutes…

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