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I Have Devious Plans For You


Today is Episode 18. If you’ve been good, if you’ve met expectations, then you’ve listened to A Mild Rebuke at least once. And if you haven’t well… you’re leaving yourself in quite the pickle. Because you deserve to hear that trigger, right now… but because you haven’t completed your training, it just wouldn’t have the desired effect.

I do always have to remember that there’s a chance you’re listening to this episode in the far future. Like… 2025. Maybe you’re listening to this podcast while riding the Space Elevator to your job on the moon. Or maybe automation has made all work obsolete, so you can just enjoy your favorite hypno-Mistress every day.

But chances are, it’s Friday the 19th of August, 2022, and I’m going on holiday for a week. Even my doggos get to enjoy some time with their favorite dog sitters here. They’re sure to get spoiled.

A Week of Femdom Hypnosis Conditioning

That means no podcast until the 22nd. And *that* means you have lots of time to train with the three very important triggers that I’ve given you.

The Season Four Deepening trigger, the POUR trigger… don’t I just love dropping that one on you? And then the Mild Rebuke from Episode 17.

These triggers are going to be so, so important for what follows. And that’s why I hope you’ve heard the Mild Rebuke at least once already, with plans to go deep for me and listen once again, very soon.

Aftercare in Erotic Hypnosis and FLR’s

But I wanted to check in on you, today. Because even talking about punishment can be hard. Even gentle, corrective punishments, little tugs on your sensitive bits, that lead you in the right direction.

How are you? How do you feel? Are you happy? Feeling closer to me? More controlled by me? More taken, kept, with each new anchor-point I affix in your subconscious?

In an upcoming episode I want to take a deep-dive into aftercare. Especially hypnotic aftercare. So I want to hear from you. Because even though I’m taking the week off from recording anything, I’ll still be taking some time to check for the delightful little notes you send me.

But don’t expect long-winded answers coming back. I’m mostly going to be avoiding a screen.

I want to know… what do you need, after I’ve really pushed you? Is it the simple application of POUR, or something more? Answers on the back of a postcard… yes, you’re actually stuck with email, but that’s a little treat for the right-side of your brain, that sends me doodles, poems, and daydreams.

One last thing. I want you to find a six-sided dice. You can dig it out of that dusty Monopoly set, perhaps? You only get one roll, so make sure you blow on it, for luck. Whatever the result, that’s the minimum… MINIMUM number of orgasms you’re to have between now and Episode 19. Don’t let me down.

Now if you’re in a chastity streak and I’m breaking that, well there’s always Locktober coming up.

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