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4.27 Sharing Your Bratty Behaviour Submissions

I’ve created a useful page for you to find out more about Locktober.

Don’t forget that for the rest of the month, my favourite HFO/JOI sessions are on sale.


Hey everyone. Today I am going to continue the topic of bratty behavior. But before I jump into that… just a quick reminder that on the SpokenByElswyth website, the Locktober page is now active. I will put a link to that in the show notes for today’s episode, or just go to

There’s a flurry of downloads happening for those J-O-I, H-F-O sessions. Almost like some of you can hear the clock ticking, the calendar pages tearing away.

So in episode 24 I set you the task of providing some examples of bratty behavior. Perhaps writing a haiku for me. A haiku like…

Brat sub disobeys
Mistress says, “That is your choice,
Now we’ll just part ways”

I liked the rhyme in that one. Sometime I should assign limericks instead, I think their traditionally tawdry nature, well it might suit the subject material. Here’s another one…

Pout in your corner
Throw your raw temper tantrum
I simply won’t care

… I’m fond of the first two lines, but the last is a lie. Of course I care. I don’t always show it. And once you’re in the corner, I’ll be caring, but I might also be reading a novel.

I had quite a lot of ideas and suggestions about bratty behavior, but not enough. We’ll get to that later. But there is time here to talk about some of my favorites.

There is one that popped up on Patreon which took the form of a sort-of free verse poem. And it started… “She took a handful of my hair “Oh, wow, a scalp massage!” She tightened her grip: “That’s not what I’m going to massage.”
I liked this one, it felt very natural… the sort of conversation I’m likely to have as a vanilla or a mundane conversation shifts into that actual play, or a scene of sorts.

I also had a fantastic funny one from one of my dear ones who really loves the human furniture scenarios, so they mentioned… you know, if you had a bratty chair, it would likely move just as you went to sit down. Or you know, put a thumbtack on itself. Very fun, I like these types of stories.

And then… looking through my notes… I had a fairly lengthy story from a patron about a bratty puppy. It might be a little long for the regular podcast. Should I maybe read it out as an extra episode one day soon? Send me a message, or an email. One woof for “Yes”, two woofs for “Yes please!”

Thank you to every one of you who did complete the bratty task I sent you. I read every one of them, and I’m proud of you, for being obedient, and for being creative.

Your task for today is more like… accounting. And I do promise that we won’t talk about chastity every day until November 1st rolls around. But be honest with me and with yourself; because you know your habits, and your usual level of insatiable desire. How many orgasms is my guy, my obedient guy who’s so, so looking forward to Locktober… how many orgasms are you actually going to forgo?

If the answer is 30 or more, well then dear, wouldn’t it be wise to start practicing before going cold turkey?
If your E-M-O… Pardon me, that’s a bit of Mistressly jargon… If your estimate of monthly orgasms, is less than 30, you have permission today, but you don’t have to use it.

Now if you’ve heard that you were good, that you completed the bratty assignment and that I’m proud of you, you can go and get on with your day. The last part of this podcast is only for boys who heard episode 24, listened to me set them a task, and then ignored it.

So if that doesn’t apply to you, if you did you homework, run along now. Go get on with your day. All the good boys should have stopped listening by now.

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  1. Dear Mistress Elswyth, My Emo is usually around 25. Yours Mykel

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