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4.28 How to Succeed at Locktober Part Two

Find Part One here.

Start making use of the Chastity Mindset Sessions today. Hypnotic trance, affirmations and post hypnotic suggestion to effortlessly keep you in a state of denial.


Welcome to Part Two of How to Succeed at Locktober. For those of you listening currently you likely notice that this was missed on Monday… because in the UK on Monday everything basically shut down. Even all the cinemas were showing the funeral. Even the adult channels, they were showing the funeral as well.

So to escape all of that, headed off into the woods with some friends. Went for a hike, enjoyed fresh air, and you know… the bank holiday. So, I do feel bad that somebody lost their mum, their nan, their cousin, et cetera. But after ten days of mourning, I just really needed to have an escape.

So here we are for this, part two. In part one I covered things like a juicy story about my experience, well one of them, with a chaste man. I also talked about using a cock cage versus hypnosis, or you know… using both. And what Locktober is, so if you’re finding yourself puzzling over that word, go back to episode 25. That is part one of How to Succeed at Locktober.

You can also go on over to the website,, and there you will see more information about it, and the information about the the Locktober 2022 exclusive reward. It is going to be free, but it is only going to be available to those who actually say they’re going to particpate. Sounds fair to me.

And I’m usually right. Right? The good boys out there know the answer to that questions. The appropriate way to respond.

Let’s start with this part… what if you are usually chaste? What if you listen to the podcast, you follow along with the permissive circumstances, and you use that as your… guide to whether or not you get to orgasm? Ummm… that’s fine. Just consider yourself to be like expert level. If you typically use a device, how about trying it during Locktober, with just using my words and your mind? I’m also going to have something fun for the beginner, intermediate and advanced. That’s going to show up on the podcast, and while all of October is not going to be dedicated to Locktober, it will be mixed in there.

Let’s also say this; what if you have a keyholder? What if you have a partner? Are you really going to turn them down for the entire month of October? Or are you going to ignore your keyholder? I don’t think so. Just be a full-on grown up, and honestly use your common sense, use your judgement on which parts of my SpokenByElswyth Locktober apply to you. Do not neglect your partner. Do not ignore your keyholder. Got that? Okay. Cause it’s just wrong… it’s putting your wants above them. And you’re better than that.

How about wet dreams? If you have a wet dream… does that mean that you’re out? Nope! No, actually, if you have one I wanna hear about it. Because, okay I’m not going to say it’s a fetish, because it doesn’t seem like it really is, but it is a… it is definitely an interest of mine to hear about it when it happens. Usually because somebody will tell me that they were dreaming about me. So no… wet dreams, they don’t mean you’re out. I actually consider them to be a success on my part.

And now even if you’re not into locking up your cock, you’ll find my gift to you next month… a kind of twist on the Midas Touch, is one that’s going to be useful throughout our time together.

So you know the why and you’ve worked out most of your how… again the good things that I’m going to give you to help with your success, it includes the Marshmallow session. It’s free and its over on the website on the slash-Locktober page. The Chastity Mindset Sessions, encouragement in various podcast episodes, and that reward I talked about that’s only available to those who participate. If you don’t participate during October 2022, you’re not going to be eligible.

And as I mentioned not everything that you hear from me over the upcoming month is going to be perfectly aimed at your success. If you’ve already hear the Chastity Mindset Sessions, or looked them over, you’ll know that I’m just as interested in those times that you’re frustrated and needy. It doesn’t all have to be some sober acceptance of your chastised state. And so I’m going to let you get away with only a few instances of me deliberately teasing you. Winding you up. Getting you hot and bothered. As if knowing that someone else wants your cock locked away for a month, doesn’t already get you hot and bothered.

But I’m definitely going to subtly point towards those opportunities and places where I’ll help you get extra worked up. For those times when the whole experience will be acutely enhanced by a night of tossing and turning in your bed, or mornings that leave you needing to turn the temperature down in the shower. I’m not going to make you play along with that game all the time. Not going to even tease you daily. But I’m going to show you how you can make a target of yourself for whatever torment I want to throw your way, and I think that curiosity will eventually get the better of you.

So even if you slip up, you can still succeed. So what if you fuck up, right? What if one afternoon you have a weak moment, one thing leads to another and you deliberately end your period of abstinence before November arrives. Well, for starters… I know you’re going to be good about one thing. If… if you make this mistake at any point in the month, that post-nut clarity is going to hit you like a tonne of bricks. You’re going to feel ashamed, and… you’re going to admit to me what happened.

Then you’re going to get right back on the horse. Anyway… this is pretty much all I’m going to say about Locktober until we jump right into it. But we are going to have quite a bit of fun. And one of us is going to have a bit of frustration. Just remember, above all I want you to succeed.

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