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4.29 What’s in a Name? Are Name Tattoos Taboo?


Welcome to “What’s in a name?” and our name tattoos actually taboo? And finally, a little bit about what I’ve been working on and what you can expect… but in true Elswyth order, we’re just going to flip those around a bit.

So I’m pretty excited about a project I have going on. It is going to be a longer session than what I typically put out. It’s also going to be free, so this isn’t some plug. Ah… plug, that comes up later. And yes, the kind you’re thinking of. Not one for a product. It isn’t for you to purchase it or what not.

So, the session it’s one of those that I started writing it, I got distracted by a cover of a song, and then got distracted by having to hunt down the video of the original song. But while I was doing all of that it just gave me a great idea of how to work this all in together.

It is going to be a sleep hypnosis session but it’s going to be very specific for the kind of play that we enjoy, and tie into season four.

Now I do have another Walking to Seduction, and some other sessions that are sitting in the, well there isn’t an actual box, but if there happened to be an actual box it would say “To Be Edited”. Just between the somewhat chaos of August, it seems that everyone is on holiday… and then September with the stuff that happened, some of that has fallen behind.

But the good news is a flurry of new things coming out, right? And it’s worth the wait.

I also want to say “Thank You” for those on Patreon who agreed to go ahead and be my testers, my guinea pigs for new sessions. You’re likely going to be busy.

So let’s go back to this whole thing about names and name tattoos. Now the name tattoo thing came up because I have a bit of a fascination with the idea of my name written in script, tattooed on someone’s bottom. But we’ve all heard, right, how some tattoo artists they even refuse to do it. They will not put the name of someone else on your body.

So I do want to hear from you. I think you tend to be a bit more of the loyal, devoted, everlasting type. Would you, would you have someone’s name tattooed on your bottom? Or, hey… somewhere else if you know, you just don’t want to bare your ass to the tattoo artist.

That led to the idea of… what if it’s not a name, but it’s the nickname or pet name, or… you know, the D/s name, right? Property of Mistress-so-and-so, and… you know, Owner of (if the owner decided to do it) Owner of such-and-such. And so I want to hear that as well. What nicknames do you adore? And… what nicknames have you heard others have, and the stories behind them.

Somewhat recently I was in a conversation, and the woman in the relationship kept referring to the dude as “Pirate”. Like, capital P, that was his given name, he popped out and his mom said “Yes… this kid, his name is Pirate.” That’s how he referred to him. She even introduced him as that to other people.

Now, this is a pretty friendly crowd, but it wasn’t like a BDSM event or anything like that, and it comes about that the reason his name is now Pirate, is because he had referred to her as his “Little Treasure”. And I absolutely love that. I love these little pairings and how the come together.

Now it seems like there is a plethora of nicknames for female submissives, and for the men… I don’t know, it just seems there’s not quite as many, right? I guess we could throw Pirate in there. You have boy, boy-toy, man what else? Pet. And that’s very original right? But pet is just nice… it’s warm, it’s comforting, it’s like… this cardigan that you’ve had for a while and you put on.

I also like that one nickname that came up, and I’ve used before, is Bunny. But someone used Bunny and Bun (and I told you there’d be something about a plug, right?) because his favorite toy happened to be the little bunny-tail butt-plug.

Now if you don’t have one of those, and you know you are open, to having a plug, you need one. Even if you have nobody to show it off to except your own happy self, I promise you that you will absolutely love it. There is just something too cute about this fuzzy little tail, nestled in right there between the butt cheeks. With or without a name tattooed on those cheeks.

So I guess, you know, along those lines you could also have… puppy, kitten, and if the guy always goes by Richard, or Thomas, or I’m really scraping now for some names. I guess I should have written a few of these down, you could always call him the younger version, right? Like… Ricky, and Tommy. Uh, that would be fun. Unless like… his Mom is the only one that still calls him that nickname, then… I say go back to “Bun”.

So that’s it. Today’s episode is a bit shorter, I do want to give you a permissive circumstance. It’s this; if you are regularly called a nickname, (and the nickname of your regular-old-first-name, it doesn’t count). But if you have a nickname associated with you then you have my permission. If you don’t have one, come up with one. And then you have my permission. Try to be clever. Go along with that pirate idea, I really, really like that one.

And your task for today… well, I guess your Permissive Circumstance for quite a few of you, it’s going to turn into a task, right? So let’s just say that’s it. It’s nicknames.

But you can also do one more thing; go ahead and send me a message through Patreon, or email or what-not, and let me know that I’m right. Having your name tattooed on someone’s bottom is a fantastic idea.

Oh, and if you’re listening to this through YouTube, I’m going to admit I really don’t get into the YouTube comments and all that, quite as much. If you’re new to me, you might not know that. So just go ahead and just skip YouTube. Do give a like, hit subscribe, do all that nice stuff that helps the channel out, but… if you actually want to say something to me, you don’t have to broadcast it to the world. Just go ahead and just send me a message.

And I’ll see you on Monday.

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