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4.32 Are you a Locktober Orchid or Cacti?

There are one or two mentions of triggers in this podcast episode, and some are invoked. Find the POUR and Marshmallow trigger setting sessions on the Locktober page.

In this episode I mention a session aimed at my sissy maid, Prissy. It’s a fun erotic story told to you in trance, with a humiliating, demeaning (but orgasmic) finale. This session absolutely will not help you retain a state of chastity for the month.


Are you a Loctober Orchid, or Cactus? So it’s October 3rd already? Kinda surprising, honestly. A happy accident of days 1 and 2 of Locktober taking place over the weekend. But depending on your disposition, your normal routine this might be where things start to get interesting, anyway.

It’s certainly the plan that as the month goes on, I’ll have to address what we’re going to do with any thoughts of cheating, or even the reality of you slipping and consciously having an… unsolicited release. But do I really, really need to start today, this first installment of the SbE Locktober, with a caveat like “If you’ve been… very naughty, hidden yourself away in the bathroom to cheat, and jerk off” et cetera. No, I don’t think so. Everything’s on track, right?

Now if you’ll indulge me with beginning a thought with a metaphor, and deliberately leaving you wondering what point I’m making… here we go. I have a few houseplants. I don’t know about you, but I think the number of people keeping succulents and so on, it’s basically exploded in the last couple of years. Probably due to the C-word, right? Or heck, maybe I’m just seeing more of it personally? We’re all looking at different internets these days, right?

But I have a cactus or two. Part of the appeal (though not really for me) of these plants is they like to be left alone, and for a certain type of person, that is just right, just perfect. Cactuses like to be ignored.

I had a family member growing up she had a huge one in her kitchen, which to children is very intimidating, but now as a full-on grown up, I just find it really inspiring in a way. I don’t think I’m ever gonna get one that big. Or live that long, actually.

So it’s true. Because of this, most of the plants I keep are you know, the long, vining things that like to creep up a moss pole of a bamboo, or go across the mantle. That’s my happy spot.

But I do keep one, somewhat humble Orchid. It was a gift, I suspect most people throw them out once they stop flowering. And because this easy-going grocery store example, man they are high maintenance. Especially when you compare it to that cactus that’s just on the window sill. Or even the vining plants, they like attention, but if you forget they’re like “It’s okay, that’s fine. We know, you’re busy.”

But an orchid it has no chill at all. If you want that thing to flower again, you have to water it on a certain schedule, you have to get it tthe right amount of light… the temperature, it makes a difference. Oh, there’s special fertilizer. And regular potting soil… no, no-no-no-no, the orchid does not go in that. I paid a pretty hefty premium to put it into special orchid bark. Which is insane for a plant that in the wild just grows on trees and it’s just fine.

So anyway, it’s like the difference between that perfectly browned roasted marshmallow and when you just stick it in the flames, let it catch fire, and blow out the blackened mess. Getting a chargrilled marshmallow is easy, getting it evenly brown is not. 

It’s not exactly a test of one’s personality, which houseplants you like to keep. I think it’s the same as those that walk that moral high road when it comes to roasting marshmallows. Now, if you’ve never done it, I’m probably gonna lose you here. And I admit I haven’t done it as much recently because, after becoming vegetarian and realising what gelatine actually is, and I don’t really like a lot of sugar either, so… all of those things go together, but anyway… anyway.

With roasting marshmallows, there are the people who believe very firmly that to be a good person means slowly turning it, getting it evenly brown all the way around. And there are other people who fall into the camp of… ya stick it in the fire, let it catch fire, twist it a bit, blow it out… and then you have this blackened mess.

Again, just like with the houseplants, and chastity… I’m not saying one is morally superior to the other, but I do know which camp I fall into.

So maybe for these first two days you’re been trying to avoid thinking about chastity at all, other than using the sessions, making sure that chastity trigger, it stays firmly in your mind. I’m not going to let you get away with that for the whole month. We’re not going to just ignore it. We are going to reflect on it, talk about it, and you are going to have some tasks where you tell me how you’re feeling. You know those thoughts and feelings that belong to a certain someone… I’m going to collect those.

And I’m also pretty open about how it effects me, as well. Going through this Locktober period. Because any Mistress who decides to deny a guy like you is going to need to know, or is going to quickly learn, whether they’re dealing with an orchid or a cactus.

Now I’ll say quickly here… I’m happy to tend this garden. I’m not saying I like one more than the other. I will say…I am definitely not a cactus, or an orchid, or anything else. Though I think Elswyth does mean something like “Fairy of the Willow Trees”. Somewhere there.

I’m, well… as we know, I’m a bit different than you. I think I’ve already have a half dozen or so orgasms just this October… alone. It’s not an exact science, I don’t actually keep a tally mark somewhere. But for me, trying to exist on chastity would never, ever work.

You know what, I probably should try to keep a running total, and see where I get to by the end of the month.

But I was thinking about those orchids while I was perusing my email box this morning. I think it’s the easier of the two sides of this coin to understand and explain… because chastity and playing with tease and denial, the triggers, the teasing MCFs and so on… as well as even cages and keyholding, all that stuff, it can be a lot of fun, right? And that fun, it might come from all those little interactions where your state of chastity is acknowledged.

And here’s a fact; playing with chastity this way, part of the deal is that you’ll see the ways that I am taking genuine pleasure in your frustration. And this just serves to highlight the difference between you and me, my dear. Because I’m never going to be satisfied by denial. I don’t care to force myself into that kind of discomfort, servitude, and frustration.

But I do enjoy it from other people.

There’s this moment in a session about my silly little sissy maid Prissy, you might know the one. It’s where I’m telling my blushing one about how she’s dressed for work in her little uniform, while I’m relaxing on a Sunday morning in comfortable, loose pyjamas. Of course, it isn’t necessary for me to indulge that fantasy by pressing in a corset and high heels.

And even in that session, prissy’s manhood, it’s tucked away, kept away, until it’s earned, or wanted.

Maybe part of the game is even offering you release. Letting you earn it through some display of obedience, or personal humiliation. Or just hearing you beg. I really do love some good begging. I think I’ll see and hear some of that, as the month wears on.

But definitely not on day three, and let’s be real… if you actually got that release, when you know you’ve been prescribed a month of no orgasms, you’d just be disappointed. Orchid or Cactus. Disappointed.

So let’s talk about our cactus. I’ll bet most have started off the month feeling like a cactus. Just ignoring this, and pushing through. Two full days so far without cumming can’t possibly have changed that much for you. I bet you can do that accidentally sometimes, right?

The cactus is the type of guy that is happy to be on that proverbial shelf. Still needs sun, sand, and care. But many an overzealous owner has ruined a cactus by providing way too much interaction and care.

Maybe doing way too much for the cactus, and then it starts to feel guilty. I know I have these precious plants in my Elswyth collection because I get the notes here and there – always short, always apologizing for using my time, but letting me know they’re listening and around. 

Usually they just send a note when the task for that day requires it.

So maybe you choose the cactus mentality because it makes it easier to go through. You know it’s just… out of mind, switching it off. No temptation.

Often though, I feel like most don’t choose to be a cactus, instead they simply are. They’ve gone through the various steps towards submission, they live it in their lives, you know as it fits. They’re less likely to want to be a Sabriel. You know those sessions where he’s living his happy go lucky life, ‘til the trigger is used to take over his mind. I see the cactus, if we’re living in our utopia setting, as perhaps someone who’d always want their mind in a somewhat hazy state of trance. As light or deep as I want or need for the day, or week, or month. Almost like a content state, right? The cactus is not sending me daily emails, paragraphs long. That would never suit them.

So with chastity, they’re similar. I’m not saying it’s easy. Instead, I’m saying most are just… for lack of a better word; resigned. Accepting. They have their place, and they know when their cock is desired that the chastity trigger will be set aside so they can be their fully functioning, highly satisfying submissive self.

Now but what if you’re an orchid, and you’re nervous about becoming a cactus? That if you’re denied too long you might lose interest altogether. Or you might feel ignored. If you’ve ever had that fear I want to hear more about it. So send me a message, either through Patreon or you can go through the website if you want to do it anonymous. Or email.No PC for today, but you do have the task of thinking about orchids and cacti. And any other plant in between and seeing where you fall now and, perhaps, where you want to be. The low maintenance plant or the one you can have to pour water on almost daily.

Now later this week, I’m planning on a full length session being released. It will come through the podcast as well as being up on the website, and I know it’s gonna blow some of your minds. I know this because I’ve tested it out, and I absolutely can’t wait for you to experience it.

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