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4.31 The Last Locktober Precursor Episode

I know I can trust you not to get into trouble until the Monday the 3rd of October. But if it’s not as easy as you expected, make use of this mini relaxation and affirmations session.

The affirmations are borrowed from the middle of the Chastity Mindset Sessions.


Today is the final precursor episode to the SpokenByElswyth Locktober. The end of today’s episode is going to be a mini meditation session of mindful breathing and include the Mindset Sessions, those chastity affirmations. There’s a link to the full Chastity Mindset Session in today’s episode notes, so go check that out if you don’t have it already.

If you’re not participating in Locktober, feel free to do the breathing anyway, but you might just wanna gloss over the affirmations.

There might be some “Explain like I’ve been listening for five minutes” information in this episode. But if you’ve been listening for a while, I know you won’t mind listening carefully. There will be three episodes a week for the next month, in our October. This crazy sporadic schedule, it… it is going to be sorted soon, although I know many have said it’s allowed them to catch up. So there’s always a silver lining.

New Erotic Hypno Content Coming Soon!

So for next month, there is still going to be fun and erotic sessions coming out. As I mentioend previously, I have a few things in the works. And some have gotten kind of clogged up in the editing process. There will be a new Getting Longer release. Getting Longer is the erotic hypnosis session, well a number of sessions, that form to complete a narrative. The episodes come out every few weeks, and you just buy it once, it goes in your account, and you automatically get access to all of the new versions that come along.

There’s a new “Walking to Seduction” style session. It’s shaping up, it’s going to be quite different to the first one from episode 4.

And a new “Listening Room” session, it’s in the same vein, I would say, of The Pirate Queen. And this one is tangled up in such delightful topics as Financial Domination and forced movement.

Now I do promise not to release, or demand that you listen to, any sessions that are explicitly about seeking orgasm, for that month. Now November, woo… you might be busy. You better stay hydrated.

The Permission for Release, those Permissive Circumstance, the thing that I throw out in the podcast episodes, that if you have met that circumstance for today… like… let’s say today’s, we’re going to go very basic, are you wearing sock? If you’re wearing socks, you have my permission for an orgasm today. Now if you’re not wearing socks, that means too bad, so sad. No release for you today. That is a Permissive Circumstance. They’re not always that basic, sometimes it’s more of an honour system of… do you remember a certain affirmation, or a session, or a trigger. 

I was going to make to make today’s Permissive Circumstance a bit… juicier, so if you think the sock one is just a bit too mundane for you, so how about this? You have permission, as long as you’ve told me, promised me, that you’re going to succeed at Locktober. You can do that by going to the website, and it’ll tell you exactly how to do so.

So PCs they’re on hold during October and resuming in November. Now if you’re not doing Locktober and will miss the fun game of chance, use some dice – even for yes, odds for no. Keep track and then you can let me know at the end of the month.

A Chastity Mindset Mini-Session

This mini-session that’s coming up, is one that you’re going to use after you’ve “entertained yourself” if you met today’s… either one of today’s Permissive Circumstances, and it’s also one for you to revisit throughout the month.

So find a place where you’re unlikely to be interrupted. You’re not going to have to do any particular movement, it’s just going to be guided breathing and the affirmations.

It’s suitable for mental chastity, or the type that involves little cages, or strategically placed piercings. Oh sorry dear, did I push a button when I said “Little Cages”? I just meant cages. Big cages, enormous cages. Roomy, even. Does that make you feel better?

Now this isn’t really hypnosis, but it leans on hypnosis techniques, and it makes use of Affirmations. And if you come back to this short session every day, you’ll likely have these affirmations memorized.

Affirmations are literally just positive and encouraging statements, but when they first came to prominence they were coupled with hypnotic trance. We can make use of them both ways, because we’re flexible like that, right? So you’ll hear affirmations like these as parts of longer sessions. In fact, these very affirmations appear in the middle of the Chastity Mindset Sessions.

We’re going to take a moment to relax. Not with a deep trance, this time but just with a simple, mindful breathing technique. You’re going to need to be somewhere comfortable, either sitting or lying down, and where you can be reasonably certain that you won’t be disturbed.

In a moment, I’m going to ask you to start matching a different breathing rhythm. This rhythm is called Four-Round Breathing, and it’s called that because you’re going to take a long breath in, and that’s going to take about 4 seconds. Then you’re going to hold that breath, and I’m going to count out 4 beats for you.

And as I promised you this would be easy. Simple even. So next you’re going to hear me say “Out… 2… 3… 4…”, and you’re going to slowly let that breath out, and then you’ll “Wait… 2… 3… 4…”.

You can breathe through your nose or mouth on each breath… whatever feels most natural. In just a moment I’m going to instruct you to begin, and count to keep you on track. So go ahead and shake out any tension, adjust your body in whatever way you need. Whatever you need to adjust. And be ready.

Listen to the episode to enjoy this mini session. Download or bookmark it to make use of it all through Locktober.

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