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4.41 Do you want to discover your ideal role model?

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In today’s episode let’s talk about whether or not you want to meet your ideal role model. Now this can take a… wow… quite a few different forms, right? So it could be the ideal role model for, you know, the everyday mundane world. The person that you would like… if possible, maybe not 100% but if you could kind of step into their life, while keeping a lot of your own life. I don’t think you should ditch all of your own life, friends, pets, whatever, you would do so.

And for the kink side, this would mean if… if you do, you know, indulge in BDSM, or D/s, or Female Led Relationship in your everyday life, what that everyday life role model would look like.

Or, let’s say this is your kink, this is your fetish, you know… the erotic hypnosis, so it would be, maybe someone in a certain place in the headspace. That little chunk, or maybe not so little, of your life. The ideal role model for that part.

Now, we don’t have any real limits, right? I mean, other than… there are certain things we’re not doing. But when it comes to imagination, creativity, seeing where you know, hypnosis and trance will take us… it’s pretty open. So your ideal role model of… well, the sky could really be the limit if it is the erotic hypnosis side.

Okay, so let’s just say that whatever you would call this progression in time, that you have this ideal role model, and you meet yourself as that person. Some people refer to this as the age progression, the time progression, for some it’s like a mental rehearsal. You hear about this in the sports analogies a lot. You know… that say your favorite basketball player, you’ve heard a thousand interviews with him and he talks about how he imagines that shot, you know? Or supposedly golfers do this… I’m not one who watches golf. I will watch basically any live sport in person. I enjoy that… I don’t quite get the golf thing, but I do enjoy being outside, so hey… I might like that as well.

So anyway, that mental rehearsal, the process imagery, goal imagery and result imagery, they’re kinda all the same thing. They’re speeding up time and being in that spot. That spot of success.

So curious to know if… if this is something that you personally would find intriguing, or would it be intimidating, would it be way too much for you to be able to imagine this ideal role model and step into their place. This, you know, almost an elaborate roleplay, right? This anticipated, future situation where you would love to be.

I want to hear your thoughts on that.

Or I have a feeling that for some of you, maybe that isn’t quite so interesting, because the end result, the end goal of where you are, isn’t as satisfying as going through the process. Maybe if we did this time progression, and you did get to meet your ideal role model and your own self, you could ask them questions, you could know what their own story was, what path they took. Would that change it up for you?

And the other variation that would be available for this idea… I’m not saying I’m doing, I’m not doing eight hundred different role models, I just really am fascinated by this idea and by almost this… people call it the Marmite reaction, you know… you either love it or hate it, there’s not really a middle ground for Marmite. I think anchovies might have a similar thing of how people feel about this.

And I wonder too if it makes a difference if you are having this ideal role model for a mundane thing… that you finally got that company going that you wanted, or you opened your own business, or you’ve finished that 10K you didn’t think that you would get to do… versus 24/7 lifestyle as a sissy maid, or… man… living most of your time in puppy play, or actually turning yourself over, basically 100% to having your thoughts and memories, thoughts, wants, needs, everything made and remade, and actually being immersed in that female led relationship to the point that… that’s it. That’s your reality, whole entire difference. RIght? Lots of different ways that it could go.

But also, the experience itself could be different too. So what if, you know, I’m a bit leery of this but I wanna try it, but you know it’s your typical trance experience. Maybe even in the Listening Room. So you know there’s a very vivid safeword setting for that… of taking off the headphones in the Listening Room. Or what if, instead, we went really deep. Into this incredible, deep, trance stage… where instead of like, it feeling maybe just like remembering something, or meeting someone, that this deeper trance experience is truly believed in imagining. Where the experience is very intense, seems quite real, and although you always do have a safeword, right? It would be quite unlikely you would use it in that level of trance, because it wouldn’t seem as if you were in trance at all. Instead, that’s your reality.

So which of your role models would you actually be willing to meet or experience at that level? At that truly believed in, imagining, and everything feels actual, and real? And last question on that… if you did it, would you want to bring all of that knowledge back with you, after leaving trance? Do you think it would help you? Do you think it would make it easier to know? You know… which steps to take to get into, which life, role, etcetera, you wanted to be in? Or do you think, and I have heard this from a few who mused this over (which is probably why, you know,. It’s going through my head) that they actually feel like it would be harder. Because they would have, in that deep trance experience, they would hit it, right? Pinnacle of success, they’re exactly where they imagined that wanted to be. They have that life. And then… when they wake up, they realize they don’t. And not everybody would find, having seen that life, to be encouraging. Instead I wonder what percentage of people would just find it, like, disheartening. Like being in this really good dream, and something’s just about to happen, and then the damn alarm clock goes off.

Okay, those are some of my thoughts for today. I do want to hear from you, and you can answer from the vanilla side, the more kink-related side, whether it’s your everyday life thing, or only something for y’know, hypnosis. Let me know. Because I just want to have this really good, well I guess it’s not that in depth… I’d have to do more research on all of you. But I want to have a feel on where people fall on that. And yes… I know, I know that I have the ones that just like to fly by the seat of their pants, and wherever I lead, they’re going to follow. And they don’t want to pick anything, I respect that. So please do not send me a message saying “Anything you want is fine by me.” Really think over the questions, and then let me know your answers.

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  1. I should think that I would prefer remembering the whole thing for this experience, while also realizing that not remembering at times would heighten other sessions. For instance, being captured and waking up naked and tied up should have moments with no memory of how you ended up that way.

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