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4.42 What do you know about hypnotic devices?

I’m excited to hear from you about your thoughts, experiences and idle daydreams about visual stimulus and tools.

In this podcast episode I touch on my use of breath control and breath play. There’s plenty of breathing exercises in the podcast archive. But the perfect place to put all those techniques into practice is the Heady HFO With Breath Play session.


Today’s episode is “What do you know about hypnotic devices?”

Somewhat recently I received a message from a loyal listener that said “Dear Mistress, Quick question”. And I’m going to say it wasn’t a question, or particularly quick, but here we go.

“I was wondering how effective visual stimulus is with hypnosis? I know some of your YouTube uploads use trance-enhancing visuals, but I can always fall under just fine without any of these visuals. Would you consider doing more content with visuals to enhance the hypnosis, to either help induce a subject or to implant suggestions? Thanks for any info you can provide.”

So for a while there, I was doing a little bit more with videos to go with YouTube. However, due to… quite a bit of feedback, especially from those who regularly come in and use my content, I found that amount of time spent using the videos was a bit unwarranted. Most people simply listen. A lot of people just find me by the RSS, the podcast feed on… you know, whatever particular podcast app you happen to love. Maybe this is the time to remind you to Like, Subscribe, Leave a Comment, but maybe not… I’m really bad at getting back to the comment sections. I prefer those Patron messages and emails. But you can also leave a rating, that would be good.

I found that the time spent with these videos, I was better off just putting that into writing and recording. Now with that said, there are a few that will be coming out that might have some interesting visuals, and I am open to taking requests… so if enough people tell me that you would love to have a special video, visual, get in touch with me and we’ll go from there.

But let’s go ahead and actually talk about what these visuals are.

Now a few of them are… I almost said “trite” but I don’t think that’s what I’m going for. A few of them are basically ingrained in us, that we believe they are great hypnotic tools. The pendulum is one of them, which somebody gifted me a gorgeous crystal pendulum a while ago, which I love, a nd it sits on my desk. Oh, and the hypno-disc. That’s the one that’s the spiral, you know… around and around and around. Those are some of the visuals… for a stage hypnosis, there are other visuals you see. You know, dimming of the lights, and putting a spotlight on a certain thing, and so on. You know, there’s this whole theater that goes into it. Now I’m not saying this is fake, because this amount that goes into it, you’re already primed to accept that. If you’ve grown up watching, you know, those cartoons where the one jumps up and he has the pendulum and he’s swinging it in front of the other one’s eyes, whose eyes then turn all swirly… well if I’m in front of you and I have this hypno-disc visual, and I start it, somewhere in you is something primed to believe it’s going to work.

Now, one of the things it’s doing, basically, is I’m telling you to stare at it. I’m reminding you to try not to blink, to give it all of your focus, keep bringing you back to paying attention. Meanwhile, your eyes, they start to get tired. More than likely, they start to water. That gets you to blink, that gets them to start to feel heavy, and you know… before you know it, we’re off to the races, right?

So yes, there’s definitely a benefit to visual stimulation, visual aids, for hypnosis. But this is an auditory experience, right? Now, if you are one of my clever ones, and you love those little easter eggs, whether its words or the music design itself, you know those little hypnotic tools, they are embedded throughout the SpokenByElswyth sessions. The music that I use is bespoke, it’s made for me, for you, and it’s chosen for purpose… so you have that as a auditory aid. But let me give you one more, let me just show you… well, not show you but tell you, another way that this can be used.

So we’re going to use a pendulum… but we’re using a metronome. So listen to the metronome that’s going to start in just a little bit, and when you hear the first sound, breathe in, say “sleep”, either out loud (because you’re on the train) do it in your head! And on the next one, exhale… and say “deep sleep”.

So, “sleep”… “deep sleep”.

So you get it, we’re going to go on like that just for a bit… I promise you’re not going under. This is more about just relaxing… if you have to, just tell all those worries and anxieties and whatever else you have running through your head, that you’re setting them to sleep.

Okay, ready? Here we go.

Make sure you listen to the episode for a short breathing exercise.

Okay, there… now how do you feel? There’s something magical about repetition. There’s something ridiculously good about knowing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, right? So maybe we’ll dig into that topic a little later on, after I get your responses about the visual helps… let me know as well about the audio ones. I think that will be some fun information for the person who does my music, and so on. I promise I will pass it along.

Now in other news, this is a holiday week. It’s not just about the World Cup, is it? Though it turns out if you set a ball right in front of Gareth Bale, and just have one poor dude, stood between him and the goal, he’s probably gonna get it. And that’s not to say I was rooting for Wales, so don’t throw me in that category. I had my USA gear on.

In the interest of the holiday weekend, and… well, week. Weekend. Knowing that Friday is Black Friday, you might have something to expect. You might have something in your email hinting at what to expect. But more than likely… you’re going to have a nice surprise for Cyber Monday. You know what Cyber Monday is, right? Well, you should.

Okay, that is it for today. Again, send me your thoughts about these audio and visual cues, and let’s see what we can make together.

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