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4.43 Cyber Monday – Free session and limited time deals

Today’s podcast episode is followed up by a free full-length session. This session is the first episode of Getting Longer – An Auditory Experience. This ongoing serial tells the tale of a growing relationship between a professional Mistress-hypnotist and her newest subject.

Getting Longer requires the Season Four Deepening Trigger and the safeword session. You can find both in the Beginner Bundle. The session also makes use of the POUR and Dear/Darling triggers.

If you’re already on board with Getting Longer – An Auditory Experience, listen anyway. I know you’ll also want to revisit episodes 2 and 3 before the next instalment arrives.

A Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) deal

Today and tomorrow enjoy 20% off your entire order with the coupon code MONDAY20.


Today is Cyber Monday. And that means I have a free session, and a limited time deal for you. Now, today’s free session is one that you might have heard… especially if you’re one of those guys that just must listen to everything I have available. If that’s you, and you truly have everything, free or not, that I’ve put out there then let me know. Because I’m going to have to work out something different for you… but chances are there’s still a session that you’re missing, and you’re in luck.

Go over to, and look at today’s post, for today’s podcast, and you will find a special code that’s good until Tuesday at midnight. But like I said, if you already own everything, get in touch with me.

Now today’s free session, it is the first installment, just a taste, of Getting Longer for Season Four. Now, the only thing required to enjoy this session is to make sure you’ve used the free sessions available in the Season Four Beginner Bundle. That’ll get you started. Then, go ahead… put on some headphones and enjoy Getting Longer Part One.

The rest, they’re available over on the website. So you’re not really behind, but you will find as you listen through that this one especially, for season four, it continues to change in little, clever, subtle ways. As well as, of course, Getting Longer. All of the installments are right there and every time a new one comes out it’s automatically added into that bundle, so you can instantly download it.

But go ahead, if you have not tried Season Four’s Getting Longer, you are definitely in for a treat. Find somewhere private to be, and enjoy.

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