Mistress Hypnosis Free Beginner’s Bundle


Three free sessions designed to give you a taste of what’s in store for you.


Start your training now with the femdom hypnosis beginner bundle. Because I know you’ll want more time with me, the bundle is free.

I do strive to keep a lot of content openly available, or at a reasonable cost, only possible due to support from wonderful subjects.

I encourage you to leave a tip for this download.

The Mistress Hypnosis Sessions:

  • Tunnel of Light is a hypnosis safeword session. Above all, my play relies on consent. This session gives you a safe place to go if you’ve found yourself in truly uncomfortable territory. If this one doesn’t resonate with you, try out Castle Keep, it uses a similar setting to the Mirrored Room “the shared headspace”.   A safeword in a typical BDSM or Mistress session means all activities need to end. In hypnosis, we can build on this idea by providing you with a safe place.  Access this safe place whenever you require a break from hypnosis or everyday life.
  • Going Deeper Faster  By using this session you agree to accept a hypno trigger that will take you deep, fast on my command. I often use this trigger for personalised sessions or games. You might decide you don’t want me to have that kind of power over you (or that water isn’t wet and the sky is yellow).  Bound for Release takes full advantage of this trigger as it brings you back under again and again for an HFO game. You’ll also find it in the personalized (spoiler secret hidden) session if you should decide to accept The Collector’s Invitation. The session where I, Mistress Elswyth, invite you to become even closer to me.
  • Follow Me to the Mirrored Room is a highly sexual shared daydream, a Mistress hypnosis journey of being controlled and aroused. It includes sensation play and some name-calling. This may not be suitable for those who prefer a more gentle touch. Be a responsible femdom hypnosis subject and do Tunnel of Light first.

18+ Only.

p.s. Grow with Eunoia – daily devotion time including permissive circumstances (mistress orgasm control, LDR chastity), homework, and replies to followers.

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