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Erase: Triggers, Bad Habits, Thoughts

This session is dedicated to erasing triggers or bad habits.

Do you wish you could end your day without a fap? That’s a habit (good or bad). What about that dumb doughnut that calls your name at the cafe? Or putting off the task you know you should finish on time? Triggers and habits are everywhere in life.

(Triggers exist outside of hypnosis, who knew?)

I have quite a few followers that want to change habits. Others want to change thoughts that seem to linger a bit too long in their heads. This isn’t a substitute for therapy, instead it is a common technique used in hypnotherapy to allow someone to bring about change.

Doesn’t sound kinky? What habits do you have that stop you from doing __ (insert any fetish, kink, relationship, etc thing here). Right. Thought so.

For a minority, this won’t be your cup of tea and that’s just fine. For others, who want the full experience of being mine I know it is theirs… enjoy.