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Tuesday Eunoia

close up photography of fawn pug covered with brown cloth

First: Oh, no! It’s late(ish). I solemnly swear that the others for this week have been scheduled and will be at the usual time.

Second, I’ve enjoyed this little trek of here & there. I’m curious about what other paths we could take in this theme… any ideas? I like the notion of the pendulum (did you catch that riddle in CtD?) swing between ‘nilla and kink. The balance allows for a healthy growth and a well-rounded you.. and us. If you have a truly naughty idea, I’m happy to run with it. Depending on the “naughty level”, I’ll decide if it actually goes public outside of this website.

Finally, The feedback on how the daily meditations have increased the pleasure of the erotic (and not!) hypnosis has thrilled me. Practicing visualisation, sensation awareness, and hearing my voice regularly works to create the perfect foundation. Plus, hey, we enjoy this!

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