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Now released — Mind Games LMCtW E1 – find the not public, early access, etc sessions here, the lowest tier gives you complete access. Personalised files are SOLD OUT (sorry!). Patron limit is currently set to 50 to allow for plenty of personalised attention.

Previously Early Access, now set to public. The OTHERS in this series will be placed directly into a Google Doc folder and not available publically due to their .. um.. fun content.

Part of the Mind Games: LMCtW Series — this is a voice in the background session. Perfect to listen to when you can’t go into trance. The rules are simple: no pens, paper, pencils or note-taking of any kind. Don’t be a cheater.

If the stars have aligned correctly, the Mind Games: LMCtW Episode Sexual Whimsical Wonderings will be available today for Early Access on Patreon.

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Mind Games – Let Me Count the Ways

The newest Voice in the Background session will be up shortly on Patreon. Come check it out and remember — NO pens, paper, or note taking of any kind because THAT would be cheating! Don’t cheat on Mistress.

This voice in the background session isn’t your typical hypnokink. It’s relationship building without the succubus hypnosis or triggers that “borrow” (stealing is wrong!) you from your everyday life. My voice in your ears, isn’t that what we love the most? Wouldn’t you agree, dear, that sometimes a nice Voice in the Background session is all you need to start your day off perfectly.

If you have a story idea or something you simply MUST hear in my voice – let me know. I enjoy being the mutual-muse and seeing what perversions have popped into your mind.

My Patron is still limited to 100 people, but that might be changing as I consider introducing tiers. Some of my dearest Happy Harem members have asked for greater rewards with greater contributions. I’m still mulling it over.