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Can 10 minutes a day of mindful meditation enhance creativity?

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Happy Friday! Your favourite femdom hypnotist had too many deadlines hanging over her head. I’m relieved to be back with my Happy Harem and we’re starting a three-part series. This series will lead to a variety of sessions being released. Part one is today, part two will be on Monday.

I’m scheduled for my covid jab early next week. In the event I’m one of those that feels “blech” after, I figure having a few new sessions will keep you occupied. There will be at least one patron-only session for next weekend. And then… ooh.. we jump into the scrumptious topic of kneeling.

R writes:

Listened to The Apartment for the first time after work. Don’t remember anything after the induction…

ME – You’re welcome.

A different R writes:

Dear Goddess,

 I write to you to inform you that the 2nd role mentioned in today’s Eunoia is very intriguing to me. I tend to be a “perfectionist” and tidy up, but the thought of being so disorganized in a sense that seeks Goddess’s attention? Hmm 🤔 To be told I’m no good at it and instead to be pulled away for something I may be of more use to. I apologize if I seem to be rambling but my thoughts are quite uncontainable. I look forward to seeing what lies in store for the weekend. Much gratitude, much love.

ME – I can understand why it is distracting. I can see on some days the fumbling being rewarded with a “more use” activity – probably a lot of time in bed.. and other days when you’re told to bend over the sofa! It would definitely depend on my mood and, likely, your charm.

TM writes:

Dearest mistress,

It turns out the one testicle I have is a relative of Houdini or a buddhist, physical chastity will not work on me. I have made multiple attempts to throw on a cage, they have all failed. I have tried metal silicone and plastic. I have the willpower to go without. I will think of your idea of denial when I do not have your permission for release.

ME – I’ve been a chastity keyholder both online and in everyday life and know that some people struggle with physical chastity devices. (pro tip – for LDR chastity, use those plastic locks with numbers. Brilliant inventions”!)

With that said, remember this comment for the next Eunoia theme coming around the week of April 26th – discussing the different ways to experience the femdom hypnosis sessions. I also don’t have a strong preference between mental or physical, except for the yum of seeing the different styles. Cock piercings used for chastity rank highly for me.

BC writes:

Goddess Elswyth,

I am so happy and excited to be your Patron I fell in love with your audios and I really want to place my head at the bottom of your feet. The moment I hear your voice I feel an extreme urge to kneel on the floor with my eyes down. Thank you for making my life happier and meaningful.



ME – You’re welcome. This position sounds like “humble pose” to me. I’m linking the audio and video below for those who haven’t heard it.

T writes:

New follower.. big fan, listening to you on Spotify rn. Thank you.

ME – Thanks. Glad to have you.

Eunoia – Humble Pose (Wed Jan 13th, 2021)