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Eunoia – Questions, auras and your sexy gift

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Today’s Eunoia is exploring our persona for the perfect weekend away. You may watch the images on the video or choose to listen to audio-only.

I also have a surprise for you. Your naughty suggestions and homework inspire creativity in me and led to this play session for us. The session notes are below — be aware that it is sexual, femdom hypnosis play with unquestioning mind control. This may not be for everyone. You’re encouraged to do a hypnosis safeword setting session prior to any play with me.

You are invited to visit my apartment. I know you won’t protest. I know you won’t question or ever ponder what I plan to do with you when you get there.

This sultry session will take you through the experience of visiting an apartment I keep just for you. And when you arrive I will indulge my own desires with the deepest expression of mind control, a total exchange of power to me through hypnotic suggestion.

You are lucky to have such a kind Mistress, Empress, Goddess, who wouldn’t dream of leaving you with the chance of being anything less than perfect. Don’t you want to be perfect?

You will not question me. You will not want to question me. And you will speak in the way that pleases me. I will allow you to say everything you need to say.