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It’s Friday — yes.. I missed Thursday..

Well, not really. You can still find it on the podcast or youtube, but I know many of you come here for the chit-chat. I had a bit of a lousy day with some relationship issues and blah…

Today, however, seems to be on the uptick – yay – so happy friday and let us enjoy some time together!

I’m wrapping up a few more personal sessions today. As an October homework perk, I offered the choice of Trick or Treat for those who finished early. EVERY SINGLE ONE HAS CHOSEN TRICK! I think some of you trust me a little TOO much. 😉 I’m going to have fun with you.. all of you..

There is an early access coming out today for Erasing Triggers/Bad Habits on patreon.

And another session that will be public and here soon… (different post).