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Tuesday Eunoia – Refresher Sessions

face of buddhist sculpture in old town

Happy December! A new month, almost on a Monday. While this month may seem quieter on the surface, I promise a lot is going on behind the scenes. I’m behind on thank yous, like other notes I prefer to not rush through them. One dear follower sent an exciting assortment of items. He suggested that I could spend time in my tub (with bath bombs), writing notes with spiffy new notecards and pens. I would need to brush off my forniphilia training methods to have that level of productivity in the bath!

I’m thankful that in today’s world, one can admit to being a paper/pen “fan” and it is acceptable. Similar to the deep dive into mechanical keyboards a while back, I know a LOT about different weights of paper in various journals, including which pens ghost or bleed.

I’m sure this love of research is responsible for my skill in ropes, wax, and other methods of play.