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Eunoia, Enhancing Creativity

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Good Monday, don’t you know how much I love a Monday?

Today we’ll take a deeper dive into a fascinating study about meditation and creativity, and as the week goes on I’ll be releasing some longer hypnosis sessions that foster imagination and creativity. Tomorrow’s podcast is a 10-minute meditation session; no preamble, no homework or permissive circumstance.

C writes:

I just feel the very strong need to send this message of love and support. You give so much to your followers and it is so very appreciated. Eunoia every day is so wonderful; whether it is 6 or 12 minutes I know that you spend lots of time preparing it and it is magical fun.  I cannot tell you how much joy you have provided over the last (almost) year. That said, you have been giving even more since March … expanded Eunoia, more messages directly to you, etc.  And I know you have other things (you mentioned zemiology).  I can only speak for myself in saying that I do not want your status as Mistress to become a burden. I say that in all sincerity. Obviously, I have never met you in person and do not foresee that. Nevertheless, I care tremendously about your well-being … you always tell us that we are loved and valued … you are, too.

Nothing I do here is truly a burden, and I will always make sure I take the space I need to ensure I can continue. I feel the love and appreciate it, almost everyone is always kind and I know what to do with those who aren’t!

D writes:

Dear Mistress, I listened to Sabrielle more attentively; your wordplay and training are inimitable. I want to go deeper as your subject, and become a better writer.

I will accept this compliment gladly even though I had find inimitable in the dictionary.

D also writes:

As a gentleman what would frustrate me is disobeying the rules I want to follow, and as a service sub, not asking for more work around the house to do.

Within this comment are some clues to the next maid trigger, after dear Pixie.

An anonymous comment from my questionnaire about kneeling:

I love your voice, the delicate balance between romance and dominance you strike. Amazing!

Thank you, what a fun way to describe this.
I’m enjoying the responses to the quiz and have some great ideas.

After I’ve recovered from whatever toll the Covid vaccine takes upon me, I’ll be exploring kneeling and everything related to it in the next series of Eunoia instalments.

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