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Permissive Circumstance – June 15th

If I plan to get any recording done, I need to stay hydrated. No-one wants a Mistress-hypnotist with a scratchy voice. My water bottle is a Klean Kanteen in turquoise. If you have a favorite mug, glass or bottle and want to share it, you’ll earn my permission when you do.

I’m no longer planning to regularly put out a podcast on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, though anyone who knows me well knows that my whims take precedence. Making these little cards, so we can play our game on most days of the week bring me a little bit of extra happiness; aren’t you happy my dears?

Tomorrow’s MCF sessions are genuine JOI sessions. I haven’t done much like this in the past, so I’m interested in . Have you tried downloading the Mind Control Fragments and arranging them in playlists on your phone? Has anyone tried putting their mix on a cassette tape for their Walkman?

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