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Permissive Circumstance – July 3rd

Are you eagerly awaiting our Saturday Session? It’s running a little late (you can find the artwork below, for the curious). I’m already keeping you waiting, so you absolutely have Permission today.

The Saturday Session will be out as soon as it’s done (hopefully today). It’s a sultry and sexual scene, which starts off by calling out my Flirty French Maid, Pixie.

This is the artwork I’ve created for this session. I’d say I can’t wait to share it with you, but I must wait!

There’s two other sessions recorded and being released as soon as possible, one going exclusively to my loyal Happy Harem on Patreon. And then tomorrow you can join me for our Together Day, followed by something new for MCF‘s on Monday, and a return to Eunoia on Wednesday. Wednesday makes a lot of sense for Eunoia, no matter how much I love a Monday. It gives me some time to collect my thoughts before I start the Preamble Ramble!

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