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Eunoia, A Statement of Purpose

I’m more than aware that a few of my lovely followers have been missing regular Eunoia, my “Preamble Rambles” especially. Oh dear, this session seems to have turned into almost exclusively rambling!

Find out what sessions are coming soon for Patrons and everyone else, and a whole lot more that was on my mind.


V writes:
I just finished (?) PTTFO and what an auditory delight it was! Thank you for all the good things! I’m certain I’ll revisit it in the coming days to try and continue to wrap my mind around it ❤️

Thank you for such a kind review of “PTTFO“. Here’s a reminder that this session’s five-letter title is also a coupon code that will earn you a discount on Eternal Suitor and The Apartment.

CD writes:
Dear Mistress – The Bialetti Moka Pot seems pretty cool. I had never heard of it. The video made it look easy to use. I may invest.

Tm writes:
Oh my god! I didn’t know such a thing existed! I am getting a moka pot immediately!!! I love it. Thank you so much for expanding my mind and teaching me about this genious invention.

anonymous lady brewing coffee in geyser pot in kitchen

DM writes:

Dear Mistress, you sound like you’re in a really good mood today, happy to hear it. No homework for me today, those espresso makers are fantastic. Have a great day! Ciao for now.

It seems that by suggesting that you learn to use a stove-top espresso maker I inadvertently sold a few. Time to get those Amazon Affiliate links set up!

N writes:
It seems that the new session isn’t in the Shop yet, but I would like to mention a session that you had intended to release months ago and never did. Do you remember the week of Eunoia that involved practicing a different posture every day? You mentioned that you were going to make a standalone session from that. Thank you for the permission, Mistress.

Thank you so much for reminding me! This should be very easy to do, and I’ll make it a priority. For everyone interested in this session,Tell Me Good Things: should this be a longer session with a proper induction, or a simple run-through of positions with time to hold each pose?

AB writes:
Dear mistress, i want to learn to last as long as I want inside a vagina. I have a stamina training Fleshlight. I would love a kind of joi edging session training stamina. Wow! Thank you so much mistress.

person grasping the bed sheet

I’m not so convinced that this can be learned this way. I had a partner who suffered from “death grip” and so would take an uncomfortably long time to orgasm when playing together. The solution was outright banning masturbating by hand; only the Fleshlight or a vibrator were permitted.
I’m not certain how to translate this into lasting longer. I think this kind of stamina is a matter of delaying gratification, and only practice with a willing partner will help.

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