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Mind Control Fragments – Polly

I’ve been enjoying creating personalised MCF’s (a little later than expected) and a handful have already been sent out to the lucky, loyal recipients.

Some of the ideas were a strong push to create things I’d already been considering. Others were completely new and original. I’m sure that this one (Polly) won’t be the only one that needs to be turned into a public session. It’s here on the podcast feed, and worked into the MCF player in the usual place.

So, one of you will recognise the content of this little Fragment. This little foray into a pet play scenario is somewhat toned down from what was sent privately. Thank you to that one good pet who came up with the seed it grew from.

Need more? Patrons have already received Position for Release, but it is now available in the shop. This is a completely shameless JOI session and while you can enjoy it in your usual comfortable position, you are strongly encouraged to move around as you listen.

Next Saturday is my target date to release Pocket Pet, a new trigger session that introduces an truly fantastical experience.

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